Whitney Wolfe Creates a Powerful Feminist App

Bumble is a company that continues to expand and the CEO of this company is reaching out far outside of the United States to appeal to other countries. The app is available in Canada and the United Kingdom, but Whitney Wolfe continues to have her sights on new territory because she has a great belief in what she is doing.

There is a lot of talk about what the newly married Whitney Wolfe Herd is doing with social media in general. Not only is she expanding in territory when it comes to geographical presence, Whitney is also expanding the app in terms of features.

People that are utilizing Bumble will notice that they have the option to turn off the dating portion of the app if this is not what they are interested in doing at this time. They can hide their profile altogether or they can also consider the possibilities that come with other things like friendship building and networking. This can all be done through the Bumble app as well, and that is the thing that people are now talking about.

Whitney Wolfe Herd is very masterful when it comes to creating app environment where women feel safe. This is one of the big things that she wanted to do when it came to app development. She wanted to make sure that a lot of people would have the ability to use this app without feeling like they were harassed. That is the thing that has really made Bumble stand out from the competition. This is also the thing that has allowed the app to grow into all of these new territories around the world.

Right now Whitney Wolfe Herd has her sights set on expanding with Bumble Bizz. This is the networking portion of the app environment that has made people take a great look at how Whitney Wolfe is helping Bumble evolve. This has become a very interesting part of the equation for this company that continues to bring forth new and innovative things. So much praise has gone forth for this feminist dating app environment.

George Soros Steps Up When No One Else Will

There once was a saying, “money makes the world go round.” In many respects that saying is true. In America, for example, if one needs to gain political office than one needs a giant wad of cash. However, it is not cash alone that one needs to affect great change around the globe. Besides money, one also needs to have the passion to see their personal mission fulfilled in every part of the world. One person who is making sure that his personal mission is fulfilled is the gentleman known as George Soros.

George Soros is the multibillionaire who once ran the Soros Fund Management. This hedge fund would raise Soros net worth to $26 billion. Of course, this is more money than some corporations see in a lifetime. However, George Soros knew that money is no good unless it is donated to a perfect cause.

George Soros would retire from being a hedge fund manager and start working with a nonprofit that he named Open Society Foundations. Open Society Foundations has single-handedly installed democracies in multiple countries around the globe. It has also trained in many governments on how to listen to the voice of their people and remain accountable to those who put them in office. In addition to this, Open Society Foundations also seeks to promote basic human rights that belong to us all so that no one is excluded based on gender, sexuality, or class.

George Soros has used the Open Society Foundations to promote goodness here in the United States of America. The most recent example of this is how George Soros and his nonprofit have stepped up to Donald Trump to end the many of his fascist policies that he is looking to enact in America.

Open Society Foundations has donated to multiple causes which make a hard for Donald Trump to implement his policies on the grand scale. Here is one example, the day after Donald Trump was inaugurated there was a woman’s rights protest that spanned the entire globe where people could be seen wearing pink hats. This, of course, gained the attention of the media who reported on it quite happily. However, what most people do not realize, is that George Soros used his global connections to make this protest happen. In other words, he was the one that organized it, funded it, promoted it, and leaked its scale to the press.

George Soros would also use other nonprofits to make things difficult for Donald Trump. George Soros would use a super PAC known as America 20th-century to stop the various lies that Donald Trump was promoting. One thing that George Soros knows about Donald Trump is that it is useless to get into an emotional argument with the man. Rather, if you want to win, simply beat him based on the facts. George Soros has also used nonprofits such as black lives matter, move on.org, and several other Planned Parenthood supporters to stop the conservative change that Trump is bringing.

Aloha Construction is the best in what they do

The primary responsibility that the Aloha Construction has is serving the people of southern Wisconsin and Illinois. They have done more than 7000 local ventures. And it has the best team that consists of the installers, supervisors, office team inspectors and the claim inspectors. The company is owned by one family. Since it was opened, it has been able to grow from a family-owned business to the establishment that it is now. The main aim that Aloha construction has it’s that it will be able to give its customers professionalism, integrity, and fairness when it comes to the relationship that they will have. Aloha Construction is so much concerned with the customer satisfaction when it comes to delivery time and the attention given.

It has been able to maintain a ten-year artistry warranty, and it will provide its services to different people. Aloha construction provides its services to homeowners and not the general contractors as well. They are so many construction companies that exist, but Aloha has been able to maintain and stand out from the rest. Apart from being the best when it comes to the quality of customer services that it offers, it’s rated with A+. Most of the past clients that Aloha construction can confirm that the company has fantastic employees. After you have contacted the Aloha construction, they will be at your place within the next hour. Learn more: http://business.lzacc.com/list/member/aloha-construction-inc-2950

The employees that work at the Aloha have been in business for long and have the required skills in giving the best services. The company has been in business for over 84 years, that’s giving them the right experience, and they are fully licensed too. The services that you might get from the construction is the gutter systems, roofing systems, vinyl siding and so many more. They will be concerned with the maintenance of the overall house in making sure that the client has a house that he or she feels safe in. From roofing to the windows and doors just to ensure customer safety and satisfaction. With all that is still maintains being the best in the industry.

Todd Lubar, his success story, and Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is prominently known for his service as the Zinio’s Chairperson as well as the Chief Executive Officer. He has a vast experience following his earlier service in other different capacities. Initially, he occupied the CEO’s position at NaviSite. This refers to a quoted firm of NASDAQ offering technology as well as services of application management towards its customers both in the UK and the US. His service here progressed here between 2002 and 2010. The fact that NaviSite has offices not only in the UK, and the US but also India implies its hosting of a data center as well as application management that is cloud-based. This is meant to facilitate the activities of the enterprises. Additionally, he served in the senior advisor position at Vera Wang Fashion firm for as long as seven years. He has consistently taken part in private investments related to real estate and technology from the time that Time Warner purchased NaviSite in the year 2011.

Similarly, Todd Lubar rose to fame following his experience in association with service concerning investment. In addition to his service at the TDL Global Ventures, he also offers service as a Sr. VP at the Legendary Investments. His business role supplements his entrepreneurial role that entails an experience exceeding twenty years alongside real estate. Many know her for her contribution towards the meeting their goals of owning homes.

Additionally, she has been consistently appearing in the listing of the top twenty-five ranking originators. With concern to the real estate field, Todd Lubar has been consistent in working alongside the different sectors ranging entertainment to the mortgage banking and construction.

His passion is extensive in line with the provision of service to the society. The fact he possesses a lot of experience has been a significant contributor towards his duties aimed at setting others to succeed.

According to Patch, after serving concerning credit space and finance for a remarkable period, he acknowledged her need in helping the rest in fulfilling their dreams. His establishment of TDL Global Ventures acted as an effective strategy towards the elimination of the common obstacles that deter individuals from getting their quite needed loans.

It is worth acknowledging that the decision of Todd Lubar to offer solutions to some existing challenges is what makes her stand out from other entrepreneurs and businesspersons. Check out medium.com to see more.

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Sheldon Lavin lifetime achievements

Sheldon Lavin is 81 years old and the chief executive officer of the OSI group. He obtained degree in economics and finance. Initially Sheldon worked at a financial consulting company before later on joining Otto and Sons Company in 1970. His financial company closely associated with Otto and Sons Company and gave them advice on how they can secure and manage funding. This association led to Sheldon Lavin joining the OSI group and later on becoming the CEO. He started by acquiring 50% stake at the company before becoming the full owner getting 100% of the company’s stake.

During the time of Sheldon Lavin take over, he found a company that was owned by family and elevated it to a global level. The company has offered employment opportunities to over 20, 000 individuals worldwide and it has set up around 70 facilities in a total of 17 countries. Sheldon Lavin has also been able to embrace modern technology in the business as he tries to keep up with the new trends.

Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin the company was ranked among the best companies that are owned privately. OSI group was at position 58 in 2016 and the company was valued at $ 6. 1 billion. Since Mr. Lavin has a degree in financing and worked in a financial advice company it has been easier for him to manage the finances of the company and ensure everything is well budgeted for. He has ensured that there are well laid rules and regulations for the employees and these are one of the strategies that has enabled the company to remain at the top.

Sheldon has also received some awards. He received a Global Visionary Award handed over to him by the India’s world vison academy in an event that took place in India, the award recognizes individuals whom are hardworking and have achieved their dreams through perseverance. This can be has manifested in Sheldon Lavin’s work at the OSI group and how he brought it up from a family business to one of the global players.

He also has an award from the RSM US LLP for what he has done to individuals in Chicago. He also fund charities such United Negro College Fund together with Evans Scholarship Fund among others to help fund the education of people in dire need of it. Despite all of these achievements, Sheldon Lavin still believes in working smart and remaining humble.

Sheldon Lavin info: www.rmhc.org/board-of-trustees

What Makes Fabletics Different?

Now that Fabletics is working on becoming one of the top online clothing retailers, they are going to have to step up and work even harder than what they have in the past. This may seem unusual for a company that has seen explosive growth in the industry they are a part of, but they know they are going to be able to push forward and get to the goal they have in mind. They want to make sure they can do things the right way for the company so they don’t have to worry about how their customers are going to get everything they need.


While Fabletics was working to become the best of the best, they were doing a lot of different things to help their customers. They want to make sure they are serving everyone who needs their help so they will have a chance to try different things. In addition to the traditional workout gear they offer, they also offer extended sizes and things that will help them make all the right choices. They knew there would be a lot of different things they could do that would help make them the best company on the market.


For Fabletics to continue being among the best, they feel they need to go to the brick and mortar industry. They want to show customers what they can get from the different options they have. They have always tried to be as convenient as possible for all their customers so they know that going into a mall environment is one of the best ways they can do this. They are going to help their customers shop any way that is convenient. While they only have flagship stores right now, they are planning on expanding thanks to the great performance these stores have had.


Even when Fabletics was just a small company, they were still doing everything they could to help their customers. They also knew they had to make the right choices for their customers so they wouldn’t have to worry about returns or losing money from the customers sending things back. Fabletics has great business tactics they chose to use for their company. By doing this, they have set themselves apart and made everything better on their own. It has given them the boost they need to continue helping their customers get the athleisurewear options they need to buy.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Attorney Bruno Fagali And Resolution 4,595

If you’re familiar with Brazil’s business laws, you may have heard of resolution 4,595/1964; this relatively new law revolves around compliance, at least as it pertains to financial institutions. The overall premise behind resolution 4,595/1964 is to create a uniform framework that all financial institutions must abide by, which includes licensing, liquidity, foreign investments, and legislation, as well as regulatory bodies and the role of international standards. This new law reportedly went into effect as of August 30th, 2017 and is governed by the National Monetary Council (CMN), and the Brazilian Central Bank.

How does this new law affect Brazil’s financial industry? Well, the law is primarily aimed at the country’s banks. The new law establishes clear and definitive guidelines related to the obligation and responsibilities of bank supervisors, while also instituting codes of conduct necessary to mitigate abuse of power, by banking officials. It is believed that this law will not only create a banking structure that is uniform, but also one that is more efficient.

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A huge proponent of resolution 4,595/1964 is Brazilian lawyer Bruno Fagali, who believes that the new banking compliance law paints a clear picture regarding the responsibilities of bank officials and is a valuable asset when it comes to risk management. If you’re unfamiliar with Bruno Fagali, he is a prominent Brazilian attorney, and also the founder of Fagali Advocacy, a law firm specializing in public law, anti-corruption, and compliance. Prior to establishing his own law firm, Fagali worked as an intern in several law firms in the city of Sao Paulo, while pursuing his Master’s degree in Administrative law. He is, easily, one of Brazil’s most sought-after attorneys, and for good reason.

In addition to his knowledge of the law and industry experience, Fagali is also a multilingual attorney who is fluent in English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish. As an administrative lawyer, Fagali has tried several high-profile cases involving regulatory law and administrative improbity actions, as well as cases involving civil liability and public actions.

Learn more about Bruno Fagali: https://www3.ethos.org.br/cedoc/gerente-de-integridade-da-novasb-comenta-caminhos-para-conquistar-o-pro-etica/- .Wc1e_hNSxTY

The Chief Executive Officer Of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, Publishes Two News Articles On The Rebranded HuffPost

In the recent past, Bob Reina, the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, published two new articles on HuffPost following the news provider’s rebranding strategy. Talk Fusion is based in Florida. His first article titled, “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience,” went live a day before The Huffington Post changed its name to HuffPost. Subsequently, Reina’s second article titled, “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters,” was published a few days later.

In a letter, Lydia Polgreen posited that following the change of its name and a new spin in its work, HuffPost intends to tell the stories of individuals that have been left out of the conversation. Polgreen serves as the HuffPost’s editor in chief. HuffPost’s initiatives are in line with Reina’s objectives in his position as the head of Talk Fusion and contributor to the news provider.

Reina explained that he is a strong believer in the art of innovation. According to him, a brand’s growth has no limit. As a philanthropist and visionary leader, his mission is to always set other people up on the path of success irrespective of their backstory or location. He contends that his article outlined this mission clearly.

Since 2016, Reina has been one of the contributors of the HuffPost. His broad platform emphasizes on marketing, entrepreneurship, video marketing trends, skillful selling, lifestyle and self-development. The leader said that he was happy to see the trending platform focus on crucial subjects such as culture and fulfillment with their rebranding. He also added that he was looking forward to publishing more insightful articles and sharing them with their own associates and the reads of HuffPost. This information was originally reported on PRNewswire as provide in the following link http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/talk-fusion-ceo-brings-marketing-and-technology-expertise-to-rebranded-huffpost-300446315.html

About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is the provider of the leading video marketing solution in the world. Bob Reina incorporated the noble corporation in 2007. Its services help businesses to stand out in the competitive market and to enhance their productivity and profits. Moreover, it offers vibrant ways to make marketing more persuasive and engaging. The company’s products that include video emails services are available in over 140 countries. Over the years, Talk Fusion has been supporting different community initiatives around the world.


Ricardo Tosto’s Firm Recognized by 500 Advocacy

The Brazilian civil law has a similar structure with the European civil codes and especially the Portuguese law. The judicial precedent is of less importance as compared to the codified laws as recognized by the law. Moreover, the Brazilian judicial system is made up of only categories of courts-state and federal courts.

About role played by lawyers in the country of Brazil, the judges are at the top of the Brazilian judicial system. This means that the judges are the ones who conduct all litigations, interrogates the witnesses and goes through the presented facts and goes on to appoint the expert where necessary. On the lawyer’s side in Brazil, there is no clear classification in lawyers. The lawyers are free to exercise the law and stand for the clients with no regard to the type of law required to be applied in the case. Provided a lawyer has passed the bar exam, they have the right to draft contracts and give legal counsel besides standing to represent the client. Lawyers in Brazil have to go through a five-year course in the university to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in law. After this, you now become eligible to undertake an induction exam.

Ricardo Tosto is a famous lawyer in the Brazilian law firm. He is the founder of the Leite, Tosto e Barros law firm. In about over twenty-five years, Ricardo Tosto has been in the law field. He is popular in Brazil for his meticulous practice of law and has dealt with different types of law. His entirely successful law practices in Brazil have gained him much popularity. He is known since his firm became the first law firm that dealt with companies’ issues. Nowadays the client base for the firm is made up of the corporate management issues. This issue involves both the private and public organizations. Ricardo Tosto’s law firm has over three hundred professionals and is consults and known even in the surrounding countries in the Latin America. The 500 Advocacy has recognized the Leite, Tosto e Barros for participating in large legal matters in companies around Brazil.

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OSI Group & The Future of Food Supplying

The United States is home to one of the top food suppliers in the world, and it’s currently headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. This company has made huge impact on society because it does so much, especially when being compared to other similar organizations. The name of this company is OSI Group, and it one of the largest privately held companies in America. On top of that, the company is recognized as a top 100 country. If you have to ask why then just know that this company is extremely successful, it produces high quality food products, and it serves a broad range across the globe. The answer is rather simple when you look it.

When it comes to creating some of the best custom food solution, OSI Group has you covered. If a client has something special in mind, OSI Group has the potential to turn that idea into a reality. The company has 65 facilities worldwide and many of those facilities are highly advanced. These facilities aren’t your standard “sweat shops” by any means as they posses some of the most technological advanced equipment. The depth of producing food here is unprecedented because it creates such a large variety of custom food products. This includes food like onions, tomatoes, beef patties, panini, flatbread, meatballs, lettuce, pulled pork, roast pork, beans, fritters, tofu, chicken fried steak, flavored sausage, pot roast, chicken wings, chili, soups and others. As you can see, the inventory is rather large and there is no other food supplier who can do it any better.

High profile brands such as KFC, Starbucks, Papa John’s Pizza, Pizza Hut and Subway receive their food products from this company. The list is too long to name every one of them, but you get the picture of what’s going on. Acquisitions play a key role in the success of OSI Industries and OSI Group is no exception. In 2016, this company acquired Tyson Foods in Chicago for a whopping $7.4 million. This is just one of Tyson’s food plants, but OSI Group has expanded itself again while being in full control. All in all, this only scratches the surface of what this global food supplier has done and the future of food supplying is currently in great hands.

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