Highland Capital Backs South Korea In Healthcare Fund

The anchor investor for Highland Capital’s fund is the National Pension System of Korea, valued at $499.8 Billion; for comparison, Highland Capital Management’s funding stands at $147 million. Highland Capital Management is tied closely with Stonebridge Capital, the co-manager of the fund. Highland Capital Management has a total value of assets under management which stands at $1.5 Billion. The company has a 15-year track record in the field of private equity which includes very significant exposure to health care companies.

More recently, the company was put into a position to ring the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange because of their new ETF, the iBoxx Senior Loan ETF. This is managed by the retail arm of the company. The fund is co-managed by Stonebridge Capital, a private equity firm based.

Demographically, the US and Korean populations are aging which means that there will be a growing need for returns on the part of the soon to be retirees. The national healthcare fund of Korea is designed to foster co-investment to serve needs in Asia and the US.

Highland Capital Management has been around since 1993, and was founded to be an alternative credit manager on a global scale. Credit funds, long funds, and alternative investments are products which the company provides to their large customer base.

Highland’s funds are noted for their returns, producing major gains relative to the S&P 500 over the course of a year. They expect that the Healthcare sector will begin to perform well, so they are diverting much of their attention to investments in that area. The company’s ETF has paved the way for other investors to enter the market. The company seeks to capitalize on the need for opioid addiction treatments due to the recent growth in opioid addictions. The company has also increased its exposure to REITs and other investment products.


Clay Siegall Discusses History in Pharmaceutical Industry

Dr. Clay Siegall is no stranger to the pharmaceutical industry. Even before his development of the largely successful biotech company, Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall created pharmacy drugs for a living. During his recent interview with Inspire Magazine, Dr. Siegall recalled the period of his life when he worked for corporate drug developers like Bayer and Pfizer. During this time, Siegall experienced the trials and rewards of working in the pharmaceutical industry, and decided that he would pursue a career in this industry for a lifetime. Seattle Genetics was developed in 1998 as a way for Dr. Siegall to impact the pharmaceutical industry in a positive manner. The genetic research expert has now developed three patented drugs through his company and has announced plans to release a fourth before the year’s end.

Post College Career

After finishing his degree in genetic research, Dr. Clay Siegall was eager to contribute to the world of drug development and quickly applied to work for Bayer. As one of the world’s leading distributors of over-the-counter and pharmaceutical drugs, Bayer seemed ideal for Dr. Siegall to pursue his love of research and creation. After working for Bayer and making the transition to the teams of several other reputable drug companies, Dr. Siegall began to realize that he could be more successful if he opened his own company. In his most recent interview, the genetic research expert stated that he had developed several patented drugs for other companies and was disheartened that his drug was successfully introduced to the market at no benefit to him. Dr. Siegall quickly realized that the development of his own, independent company had the potential to yield the results he desired for himself and the medical community. A few years later, Seattle Genetics was born.

Dr. Siegall aslo realized that the development of Seattle Genetics would allow him to work on drugs that had personal value to him. The leader’s relative had nearly died of chemotherapy cancer treatment a few years prior to the opening of Seattle Genetics. Dr. Siegall began almost immediately to work on a new drug that would treat cancer in a safe and efficient way.

Learn From Doe Deere As You Figure Out Your Business Style

Entrepreneur Doe Deere has shown us one thing about business: Your business is all about you! If you are not personally invested and passionate about business, it might not work. Deere is a Russian born New Yorker who is the founder and CEO of the successful cosmetics brand Lime Crime. How did she get there? Through believing in her vision for her business. Every aspect of Deere’s enterprise is aligned with her strong and passionate views about what her business stands for. Learn more: http://www.phillypurge.com/2017/06/05/finding-your-business-niche-like-doe-deere/


This is important to note, because many people who want to start a business wonder what niche to go into. Take a tip from Doe Deere and go into a niche that excites you and that you love. This way, you can stay invested and excited about work no matter what the business world throws at you. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/doe-deere/


In addition to a clear and true love for the products or services they are creating, a business owner also needs to have a business plan. This is important because it will give you direction as you start up the company, and it will also be necessary to show investors or the bank that you know how the business will eventually make a profit.


Now that we have gone over two concepts, passion as well as the logistical side of a business plan and finances, you must do the work of making sure that the two will fit together. Successful entrepreneurs like Doe Deere are people who took their passion and made it into a viable money-making company. This is not always the case. See if the two ends of the spectrum are meeting up by doing some market research within your niche. Listen to potential customers to see what wisdom they might have to share. Doe Deere did not skip this step, and neither should you! In an interview with Ideamensche magazine, Deere said that one thing that she does consistently is listen. She said that she considers herself to be a “passionate listener”. This skill has undoubtedly helped her combine her passion with business. She has learned from the market, her customers, and other entrepreneurs. Learn more: http://doedeerefam.com/


Doe Deere is a young female entrepreneur who founded the cosmetics company Lime Crime. This unique company puts out cruelty-free cosmetics in bright, vibrant colors. One of their popular and perhaps most unique products is Unicorn Hair, which is semi-permanent vegan hair dye. This product is making colorful hair trendy, and allows people to express their true selves through hair color in a way that was never before possible. This product highlights the Lime Crime brand philosophy: that make-up can be an artistic expression of your true self. Learn more: https://theweirdstore.net/blogs/the-weird-store/how-doe-deere-became-queen-of-the-unicorns


Doe Deere is a very intuitive business owner. She has said that she always trusts her gut instincts when it comes to making business decisions, which is perhaps why the Lime Crime brand has such a strong personality. Deere makes sure that the business stays aligned with her vision for it so that she can deliver the right products to her loyal customers. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/doe-deere/


OSI Industries Is A World Leader In Food Manufacturing

OSI Industries has been a prominent force in food manufacturing for many years. The company continues to diversify its business model. OSI acquired Baho Foods in a recent deal. Baho Foods is a manufacturer of convenience foods, snacks and deli meats. OSI Industries believes that acquiring the Dutch food manufacturer will give them a significant boost in their presence in Europe. Baho Foods has a selective portfolio of brands that will work well with what OSI is intending to do as it expands. There are five subsidiary companies associated with Baho Foods. They provide service in 18 different European countries. The current management in the Baho Foods will remain place. OSI Group executives believe that this will help develop a strategy for growth between the newly combined organizations.

Flagship Food Group is another European acquisition made by OSI Industries. Flagship Food Group provides numerous products across the United Kingdom. These products include sous vide equipment, Oliver James pies, mayonnaise, sauces dressings and frozen poultry. Flagship has made acquisitions of its own such as Calder Foods. Calder Foods specializes in marinade sauces, dips and sandwich fillings. Executives at Flagship Food Group are excited to be affiliated with a multi-billion-dollar company such as OSI. It gives them access to resources and a larger market base than they previously had in the following: https://www.linkedin.com/company/osi-industries click here.

Tyson Foods was a local acquisition for OSI Industries. The Chicago based company was acquired for 7.4 million dollars. The move saved hundreds of jobs and put OSI in a position to offer Tyson Food employees opportunities within the OSI team. There were an estimated 400 to 500 jobs at risk if OSI Industries does not acquire Tyson Foods.

OSI Industries has operating facilities in 17 different countries around the world. The company produces various products such as hotdogs, bacon, meat patties, pizza, fish, poultry, pork, dough products and vegetables. OSI has a prominent client list that includes Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, Subway and Starbucks.

Tips on Benefiting from Forex Trading by Greg Secker

People venture into different avenues of business with the aim of making enough money to lift them from a mediocre life. Trading in among the channels that promise good returns when the market conditions are right. Additionally, making money from trading requires an individual with experience or access to safe trading tips. A trader becomes his/her boss as they can set their business hours. A successful trader stands the chance of having access to unlimited income provided the trades made generate profits. However, like any other form of business, trading has challenges. It is, therefore, important that aspiring traders be educated and furnished with the trading tips. Greg Secker demonstrated the tips necessary to become a successful trader.

Understand the Basics of Trading

The greatest mistake people make is venturing into trading without the basics. Just like any business, basic knowledge is paramount before a person begins. It is paramount that an individual understands how the forex market works, the terminologies used, and have a solid foundation in trading.

Have a Mentor

Most of the successful people in the world of trading started by following the lead of already successful person. It’s important to understand that everyone has to start somewhere and mostly, it’s always at the bottom. However, by following the steps and guidelines of an experienced trader, a beginner learns the tricks and eliminates guesswork. Eventually, they can make their trade paths and become successful.

Adopt One Trading Strategy

Switching between trading strategies almost leads to losses. Changing the procedures leads to confusion. It is, therefore, necessary to understand and stick to one method.

Avoid Emotional Trading

Making rash decisions due to losses leads to more losses. Decisions that arise out of fear, anger, or frustrations leads to disastrous results.

Always be Realistic

A beginner should not seek to become a millionaire overnight. Trading is a process that takes time. Patience is the key.

Have Definite Goals

Arriving at a point or achieving in life requires a plan. Trading also requires one to have a plan. The plan should entail a working budget, action plan, and exit strategy.

Among the most successful forex traders in the market is Greg Secker. However, he didn’t always begin as a trader. Secker went to the University of Nottingham where he studied agricultural and food sciences. Later, after working for Thomas Cook Financial Services, he discovered that his heart wasn’t in that field.

Greg left Thomas Cook and entered into the world of trading in 2003. Secker learned how to trade and later gained financial freedom through forex trade. Secker was responsible for creating a virtual trading desk. Today, he and his team help people in understanding and interpreting forex indicators. According to Greg Secker, it is his intention to liberate Americans from financial bondage through forex trading.

Why Walmart is the Right Choice for Beneful

In many product lines, Walmart is a great retailer to shop for the wide variety of different products that they sell and their extensive offerings. Dog food is no exception to this and the relationship that they have forged with Beneful commercial means that they have one of the very best dog foods out there in stock on their shelves.

Beneful is one of the biggest and best dog food makers out there and contain a wide range of different offerings such as their Incredibites line for smaller dogs and their Healthy Puppy line for young dogs that need a calorie dense feed to help them grow.

Walmart has all of these offerings from Beneful at a steep discount, which they are well known for. Plus, Walmart offers many discounts on Beneful products and you can access their coupon page to see what current promotions they are running at this link.


Waiakea Offers Healthy Water and Showcases Sustainability

When a company has a good product, it is not enough to just create it. Even marketing is not enough to bring success to the company. The company as a whole needs to come up with a plan to market the products. This plan needs to bring forth growth so that it can not only support itself, but could also expand to other markets if it is selling its own products. Among the great examples of this type of business is Waiakea water. Waiakea has shown significant wisdom in its business practices, as well as its ethical priorities. The best part is that it is selling people one of the healthiest, most sustainable bottled waters on the market.

Waiakea water stands out from all of the other types of water that market themselves as clean and pure. With Waiakea, the water has been gathered from the Waiakea springs. While other companies put their water through a special filtering process and artificially adds minerals, Waiakea takes the water from the springs which has already been filtered through. The minerals are naturally deposited in the water. Therefore, all that is needed is to take the water, bottle it, and have it distributed.

One of the best aspects of Waiakea is that the water has a special taste to it. People who have tried water from Waiakea agree that it is one of the best tasting forms of water that they ever have. Therefore, when people are thirsty, they go for the water that has been gathered in the best way. They also get to enjoy many of the health benefits that come with water, which are more apparent in this type of water than the others. Waiakea is the type of water to look out for.

For more on Waiakea water, look here!

A New Texas Program Is Helping Migrants But Will It Last?

Hispanic representatives within the state of Texas started a program some time ago called DACA. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a program that helps young people who are migrating to the United States, particularly Texas. This program provides the funds for people to be transported to the United States and to do all the essential things to become a legal citizen. Representatives of this organization make sure that none of these children have a criminal record and that none of them have diseases that are contagious.


The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program does not just accept children in the United States and they forget about them. Funds are used to help these children learn a trade and get to work quickly. Additionally, this money is also used to send children to outstanding high schools and colleges to better themselves and their community.


Sadly, the new presidential administration has mandated that no new applicants be accepted into the program. The administration has also mandated that current members of the program will not have their membership renewed. Membership into DACA must be renewed every two years.


Administrators of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals are in an uproar over the presidential administration decision. The main reason is that many members of this program are currently enrolled in high school and college. Administrators are planning to take legal action no later than the first week of September 2017.


To take proper legal action, DACA has partnered with the Frontera Fund. This is an organization sponsored by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The Frontera Fund also helps migrants come to the United States. However, this fund is used for more of legal services than things like transportation and housing. People from all over the world have their eyes set on this situation, as this can mean success or failure for many.


The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is awaiting a public response from the presidential administration, which is expected to happen sometime within the next three weeks. Until them, administrators and members of this organization do not feel safe at all.


Goettl Goes Above and Beyond With Air Conditioning

Ever since Ken Goodgame has taken over the company, Goettl has become known as the company that will go above and beyond for its customers. One of the reasons behind it is that Ken Goodrich is very passionate about his company. When he has taken over the company, he has came in with a vision. He has explained his vision in ways that have gotten people on board. He has also made some adjustments to the staff so that they all are people that are very passionate about the work they do so that they will be more likely to make sure that they do a good and thorough job with their air conditioner installation services.

When a serviceman comes over to install an air conditioner, he makes sure that he has the unit that is big enough and powerful enough to calm the home down. This is so that the customer is able to save money because he does not have to use it that much. He will also make sure that everything is done perfectly because the owner of the company himself is involved with the installation processes. He has the servicemen take pictures so that Ken Goodrich can see for himself the work that was done in the installation. If he sees an error, he will let the worker know to redo the installation. If everything is perfect, then the owner of the company will approve.

To go along with the installation, there is also the maintenance. There are a lot of maintenance jobs that Goettl offers people so that they can have an air conditioner that is in top condition all the time. For one thing, it is easy for the air conditioner to accumulate dirt, dust and damages over time which can get in the way of its performance. Goettl makes sure that the air conditioner is in working condition.

Mike Baur’s Effort to Improve Business Environments for Startups

Mike Baur is a renowned Switzerland-based entrepreneur who has a particular interest in technology startups. He has an excellent background in business administration and finance, and this has enabled to accomplish a lot in his career. Baur schooled at the globally recognized University of Applied Sciences Bern where he got his degree in finance and banking. He enrolled at the University of Rochester for his MBA and later got an executive MBA from the University of Bern.


Baur had a 20 years career as a banking expert. He started working in the sector in 1991 and served a couple of institutions. UBS Wealth Management appointed him to act as the head of UBS Fribourg division. After a few years, he was promoted to serve as a wealth manager at the firm and an administrator of the KeyClient Group Switzerland. Mike left UBS in 2011 and was made the manager of private banking Switzerland at Clariden Leu. He was later hired to be the head of private banking at Sallfort Private Bank AG. Baur worked at the company for a few years and founded Think Reload AG, which is an enterprise that dealt with start-up businesses.


In 2014, the Swiss entrepreneur collaborated with Meister and Oliver to establish the Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF). The company is recognized as a leading privately owned ICT start-up accelerator in Switzerland. SSUF has currently invested millions of dollars in digital start-ups in Zurich and is committed to enabling them to join the corporate world. The enterprise runs three months acceleration programs that provide the new business people with outstanding mentorship, training, and office space. Mike is a major player in the success of the company. He has been a deputy M.D of CTI since the firm partnered with the Swiss Startup Factory in 2016. The entrepreneur has also worked with the Goldback Group in running acceleration programs.


Mike Baur is a generous person and has been sharing his entrepreneurship skills with different individuals who want to succeed in business. He offers financial aid to youths to grow their startups. Baur has worked with Innovative Lab Fribourg, which is a company the mentors and trains entrepreneurs in engineering, business, and science so that they can be successful in the markets. He is passionate about offering environments that can facilitate the growth of new ventures. This commitment motivated him to be a co-founder of the Swiss Startup Association, which has been advocating for better conditions for start-ups including regulations, tax, and laws.