Why It’s Important To Make Health Screenings

Your health should always be one of the most important aspects of your daily life. Whether you’re following a diet, looking after your mental state, doing regular exercises, or even eating a fruit a day, you should know the feeling of knowing that your body is all right. Or… Is it?

Many diseases don’t show any symptoms until they start becoming serious threats to your health. These come in such variation that could fill lists of complications and their causes, and how they develop silently in the body. That’s where preventing is much better than remedying.

One of the best ways to make sure your health is doing great is the preventive health screening, and that’s where Life Line Screenings enters the picture. Just a single medical appointment with the doctor is not enough to erase the vast possibilities of problems that can silently arise in the human body. The screening that Life Line Screenings provides is an option that covers a lot more, and it is done quickly and painlessly.

Founded in 1993, Life Line Screenings has a long history of helping patients finding diseases that they didn’t even know were at the risk of having. The procedure is done through ultrasound and EKG screenings. Their well-trained staffs will submit you to one of their three distinct screenings, these vary in what parts of the body or disease types they are looking for, and then, in a few minutes, they are already producing the results of the examination.

Their different kinds of screenings can cover risks of osteoporosis, arterial and blood diseases, cholesterol levels, a risk of diabetes, and even heart diseases. By covering most of the more contemporary conditions, their health screening is essential. It is the fastest and cheapest way to make sure everything is all right.

Life Line Screenings provides treatments that are community-friendly and are not expensive at all. Their health centers can be found all over the United States and can be contacted via telephone or directly scheduling a screening in their official website.

Duda Melzer Boasts a Rich Legacy for His Business Acumen

Duda Melzer is a legendary businessman in Brazil. His marvelous performance over the years has seen him become one of the household names in the business world. His entrepreneurial skills and interests in business came naturally to him as he was brought up in an enterprising environment. Duda Melzer attained proper training that equipped him to tackle his roles meticulously. He pursued a degree course in a business-related field at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande Do Sul (PCURGDS). To further his studies, Duda did two executive courses and an MBA at the respected Harvard Business School.

Career Growth

His worthy career started over a decade ago at a North American firm, Delphi Corporation, where he served as an executive financial analyst. He also worked for two other companies in the United States, BoxTop Media as the director general and the Family Communication Network before joining his family business RBS Group. He outperformed other senior managers and took up the Chairman post of the company in 2012 and later the Board of Directors’ Chairman. Under Duda Melzer’s management, RBS Group has marked tremendous growth to record international recognition. One of them is being recognized alongside Google and Globo as one of the three Internet and media companies to command high audiences value in 2014. Research that was done by Economia Magazine Info also ranked the company as one of the 10 Brazil’s most innovative companies. Info sourced from crunchbase.com.

Other Roles

In addition to his position at RBS Group, Duda Melzer holds other roles in various corporations. Duda is the founder and executive chair of a digital business development firm belonging to RBS Group, e.Bricks Digital. He is a Director for a contemporary art show, the Mercosul Biennial, and a wines venture, Wine.com.br.

Awards & Recognitions

Following his rich legacy in the business world, Duda was listed on the 2015 list of leaders of the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise. He also emerged as the winner of Entrepreneur of the Year Accolade the same year. Follow Duda Melzeron Twitter@ twitter.com/dudamelzer.

The Former Hawks Ownership Company Sues Hampshire insurance Firm for Breach of Contract

Bruce Levenson is an American serial Entrepreneur. Benzinga describes him as a prominent philanthropist in the United States and the former NBA Team Owner. He is also the co-founder of the Hawks Atlanta which operates and owns the Philips Arena and the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. Bruce Levenson is the current serving Hawks Governor and a member of the Governing body of NBA since 204. In 1977, he co-founded the United Communications Group. He is also the founder and board member of TechTarget. This is an Information Technology media conglomerate.

Brice Levenson was born in a Jewish family based in Washington, D.C. he spent much of his early childhood time in Maryland. He went to the University of Washington graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Law. While at the American University, he studied Journalism and information technology. He commenced his journalism career at the Washington Star while attending a law school during the evening hours.

The Atlanta Hawks Entertainment and Basketball Company, the Former NBA franchise team, has filed litigation against the New Hampshire Insurance Company over the breach of contract and bad insurance faith. The claims were made by the former manager, Danny Ferry, in the state courts.

The former ownership group of the Hawks included the managing partner Brice Levenson. The litigation had nothing to do with the current management of the company under Tonny Ressler. The litigation, filed in the Fulton County Superior Court in September, was meant to report and demand compensation from the Hampshire Insurance Company over contract breach. The former Hawks management group, led by Danny Ferry, describes a civil lawsuit for bad insurance faith. Under their agreement with the insurance form, the group was covered for individual acts including workplace torts and wrongful termination of a career. According to the presented documents in court, AHBE gave the insurance company a notice of the covered claims.

The Hawks and Ferry reached an agreement in 2015. The ended relationship was a six-year contract that covered a sum of over $18 million in 2012. According to Forbes, the franchise sale approval to the Ressler-led company arrived two days later. According to the current Hawks spokesman, the litigation has nothing to do with the current ownership.


How Does Fabletics Meet A Woman’s Clothing Needs?

Fabletics is an advanced women’s clothing company that helps all ladies who are in need of help with their fashion. They are looking for simple ways to get dressed every day, and they do not know how to dress more easily because their clothing is too complex. This article explains how Kate Hudson and Fabletics aim to make buying clothes easier, and it will help women get ready in the morning.


#1: The Store Experience


The store experience for women is much different than other stores as Fabletics has integrated their store with their website. They want women to shop in their stores knowing what the products are like, and they succeed in this through reverse showrooming. It is a process started by Amazon where customers know the products from their online experience before they enter the store. Fabletics customers will be intrigued by what they see in the store as they will remember it from the website, or they may see something new that catches their eye.


#2: What Is Kate’s Mission?


Kate Hudson’s mission at Fabletics is to ensure that all women have clothing that will flatter them when they leave the house. Women who are wearing athletic clothes from fabletics are dressing in the athleisure style, and they are staying in a trend that will last for some time. Fabletics was one of the first companies to do this, and Kate Hudson started the company because she needed her clothing to be simpler.


#3: The Brand Integrates Customer Accounts


There are many customer accounts that may be used when they come into the store, and they will find it simple to check on items they have purchased in the past. All their purchased from the store and the website are listed, and they may check their account in the store or on the website. They will never duplicate purchases, and they may check for colors that they have used in the past.


#4: Expanding Their Stores


Expanding stores at Fabletics is a major focus of their brand as they plan to open over 100 stores in North America. Each store will have all the proper clothes from the website, and they will release new styles that they believe are appropriate for their customers. Everyone who comes into the store will have a new experience, and they will notice how expansive the collection is. Customers are looking for special colors, and they need to purchase the same cuts they are accustomed to. Women who are shopping in this manner will find more clothes that fit, and they will begin to enjoy their clothes more because they know what works for them.


A woman who comes to Fabletics to buy new clothes must ensure they are looking through their stores at the same time. There is quite a lot that women may purchase when they stay with the Fabletics brand on each shopping trip. They may build their wardrobe around the brand, and they will feel better about themselves.

Squaw Valley Statement


Squaw Valley has issued an extended statement on the water quality issues that have been an issue since October due to the heavy rain storms. They have confirmed the finding of E. coli and coliform bacteria in the water sources. The water is being consistently treated to rid the water of the bacteria. Out of the 4 wells that are used to serve the upper mountain 3 have shown to contain no E. coli, while showing only low levels of coliform. This was confirmed by the Director of Placer County Environmental Health, Wesley Nicks as told to the Sierra Sun on Tuesday. Although the restaurants in the upper mountain have remained closed top-to-bottom skiing is allowed at the famed ski resort. The skiers are prohibited from drinking the water until the issue is fully resolved. In the midst of all of this there have been no health issues reported. Squaw Valley received a heavy rain storm in October that affected several of the systems in Placer County. This health issue was first reported on November 8th to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. Due to the unusual event that occurred, a newly updated water system that was installed over the summer, the system was contaminated. Squaw Valley has worked diligently to fix the issue at hand. Squaw Valley moved quickly to consult top water safety experts to help resolve the contamination. They have assured that they will not return to regular water usage until health officials have deemed the water safe.

Vijay Eswaran: A Hero Of Philanthropy

Vijay Eswaran is the co-founder of the internationally known multilevel marketing company the QI Group. The company was started in the Philippines in the late 1990s. Eswaran had become aware of and involved with direct marketing while attending the London School of Economics.

By the time he graduated with his bachelor’s degree in socio-economics, he had also earned his professional certification multilevel marketing from CIBA. Eswaran did more work with multilevel marketing while working on his MBA at Southern Illinois University in the United States. But it still was not his primary career choice.

When Eswaran returned to Asia in 1998, he was approached with the opportunity to start his own multilevel marketing company in the Philippines. He agreed to give it a try and set about building what would become the QI Group. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: https://www.amazon.com/Sphere-Silence-English-Dutch/dp/9719264721

The organization has been wildly successful and now sells health, telecommunications, nutrition, luxury and travel related products and more in dozens of countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The QI Group now has its headquarters in Hong Kong and regional offices Singapore, Malaysia and several other countries.

Millions of people have benefited from the work of Vijay Eswaran and the QI Group. They have hired countless independent sales representatives to take the products into big cities and small, remote, villages. The money those independent sales reps make has helped many of them to bring their families back from the brink of poverty.

According to Qbuzz, But Vijay Eswaran and the QI Group also offers support for people throughout the countries in which they do business through their charitable organizations. The organizations offer food, clothing, shelter, educational support and more for individuals and families.

Eswaran has also written a series of books designed to help people to develop a success mindset. He is also known for giving powerful motivational speeches.

The work Vijay Eswaran has been able to do through the QI Group and his philanthropic organizations has lead to him receiving numerous accolades and awards. Now one of Asia’s richest men, Eswaran has given so much to charity Forbes Asia named him one of the Heroes of Philanthropy.

Cheap Brands of Whiskey That Are Worth Tasting



People work hard to live a luxurious life full of quality products, from popular scotch brands, to the most luxurious briefcase brands. In most cases, people associate expensive products with quality, and cheap products are assumed to be substandard or of poor quality. For this reason, most people will neither look at nor taste cheap brands of whiskey in shopping store shelves. Their assumptions, however, are not necessarily valid as there are some cheap but quality brands of whiskey out there. This article discusses the best cheap brands of whiskey that every whiskey lover ought to taste someday.


Rebel Yell Brand


This is is a Grade A Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The brand goes for less than $15. It is mild, making it one of the best brands in the country.


Fleischmann’s Brand


A Grade C Kentucky Blended Whiskey, the brand makes to the list of top brands for its smoothness, warmth, and a good aftertaste. Its bottle is made in an attracting and catchy shape and design. Two liters of Fleischmann goes for less than $20.


Evan Williams Brand


Evan Williams Brand makes the cut for its milky nature. It is bold, majestic and, above all, it has a unique dessert flavor. The brand is a Grade A+ Kentucky Bourbon, going for less than fifteen dollars.


Duggan’s Dew


This is a Grade C+ Blended Scotch Whiskey. Its taste is out of this world, and its aftertaste is simply awesome. The label on its bottle is satisfactorily written all a client would want to know about it. The whiskey costs slightly above $15.


John B. Stetson


This brand has the sweetest and nicest taste for a $20 whiskey. It is a Grade B+ Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Tammy Mazzocco Shows How To Achieve Anything

Tammy Mazzocco is a successful real estate agent in Central Ohio, and her testimony to hard work and good management of resources is a good lesson in achievement. Tammy began her career in real estate as a secretary at a commercial real estate company, and then later she became a manager of a condominium project for seven years. It was there that her boss recommended that she get her real estate license so she could help him with some of his real estate deals. This took place in 1995.


Then she became a licensed assistant to a very large RE/MAX producer, and it was there that she saw the logic in how to operate a large, successful real estate operation. In 1999 she decided to go full-time into real estate, and the rest is history, as they say.


Tammy loves what she does, and she says that if she didn’t, it would never work. She points out that you are going to get out of anything exactly what you put into it, nothing more, nothing less. She likes to tell people that it is important to be yourself, don’t live in fear of failure, and don’t settle. Her work ethic is simply to work until you get things done and done right.


She has emphasized over the years that the things that you don’t do well, you can have someone else do them. Tammy likes to focus on what she enjoys and does well, and that is having appointments with people and showing them homes to buy. She goes on to say that the real estate business is a people business. When you solve the people problems, the real estate takes care of itself. And, when she sells a house, that is a people problem that she can help to solve, and she is happy about that. http://radaris.com/p/Tammy/Mazzocco/

Sam Boraie’s Accomplishment at Boraie Development

Sam Boraie is the Vice President of Boraie Development. This company is meant for real-estate jobs, it has its work in New Jersey and New Brunswick. However it has decided to keep growing its empire to Atlantic City and Newark. Shaquille O’Neal the legend of basketball partnered with the firm to make his Home, Newark an amazing area of residential houses. The organization was delighted to work together with O’Neal on the project. Newark was not only a place of the rental project but to top up there is the retail growth, market development and a movie cinema.


Apart from Newark City, the company has also great plans for Atlantic City. Boraie Development looks forward in building archaeological places around the city. Furthermore like Newark, they also believe there will be enough space for residential houses and market places. Moreover they strategize themselves in developing an apartment that has 250 units, this will change the lives of many people in New Jersey.


The great man, Sam Boraie is a board member of the archaeological state theater in New Brunswick. His organization recently supported a movie series of the historical state theater. People were able to enjoy movies like; Despicable Me 2 and Frozen. This service was entirely free thus bringing friends and relatives together to have a good time at the theater.

Boraie Development together with Sam Boraie are very important and have brought so much meaning to the New Brunswick society. Their work that keeps continuing is respected and valued by the entire community of New Jersey. https://www.crunchbase.com/person/sam-boraie#/entity

A Review Of The Services Offered By COTEMAR

Cotemar is a leader in providing varied services to Petroleos Mexicanos. The company uses specialized vessels to reach different offshore oilfield. Its services are tailored to meet the needs and expectations of its customers. They are divided into three broad categories. The entity offers specialized maritime vessels services, construction, modernization, maintenance, and engineering services, and accommodation and catering services.

Under construction, modernization, maintenance, and engineering services, Cotemar offers technical advice to its clients. The aim of this branch is to modernize existing offshore rigs and process centers to make them ideal for working and safe for workers to live. The modernization process involves prefabrication and installation of facilities at the rigs. This procedure starts immediately when an offshore rig is commissioned. Cotemar provides these services with the help of specialized dynamic positioned semi-submersible rigs. These platforms are flexible and can be quickly moved from one oil field to another.

Transportation of personnel, nourishment, and lightweight materials need specialized vessels. Through its specialized maritime vessels services, Cotemar is able to handle all the transit concerns. The company has various specialized vessels, including firefighting vessels, towing vessels, and barges. Given the size of the company’s fleet, it can attend to the needs of various clients simultaneously. The firm has recruited the services of qualified and experienced staff. They ensure that clients get their value for money.

Working in an offshore oilfield is challenging and is entirely different from working on a land-based rig. Despite the lack of space, workers in the field should be provided with quality accommodation, catering, and entertainment. These services ensure that the employees are healthy and can stay longer at their workstations. The well-being of workers is a critical factor in enhancing the efficiency of operations. Through its accommodation and catering pillar, Cotemar provides nourishment, bedding, laundry and cleaning services to its client’s staff. These services can be provided on the oil rig or within specialized vessels owned by the company.

Cotemar was founded in 1979 with two main areas of business, which are accommodation & catering and specialized vessels. The company had vessels for transporting personnel, maintenance, and specialized dive. Over the years, Cotemar managed to acquire more ships that helped it establish itself as a leader in the field. By 1996, the company was already operating five rigs and had three specialized vessels. It has since acquired more vessels. Despite being associated with several international oil firms, the corporation operates in Mexican waters and is one of the leading employers in the country.