Get Your Freelance Career Started The Upwork Way

Freelancers now have a new market place of valuable tools to help them get started in their career. Upwork provides freelancers opportunities in graphic design, writing, and website development. The allows potential entrepreneurs the opportunity to find projects, and to communicate and interact with employers. Upwork offers potential entrepreneurs and professionals valuable experience so that the need to cold call on clients can be eliminated. The pay may not be as much as expected because there are many new people who are willing to take the jobs for less pay. Make this marketplace work for you.

Becoming a part of the Upwork force, and earning money is easy. To get started, set up an honest profile. This will serve as your general resume that prospective employers will see. Put in the type of job that you would like, and a list of your qualifications and specific skills as well as your level of experience, and a head shot of yourself. Now you are able to submit proposals for jobs that you are qualified for with their Connects. These are internal tokens, and each participant receives sixty per month. Now you can apply for jobs, and be in touch with legitimate employers.

Once you have found the appropriate job for you, set your payment and start to work. The fee schedule for Upwork is based on the amount of money that you earn from clients over a period of time. An example would be that if you earn $500.00 from a client, your fee to Upwork is 20%. You can choose to get paid either on a fixed price or hourly. The fee for Upwork will be the same for either. You will keep a work diary for all projects that pay hourly. This will be logged into the Upwork app.

Upwork Global Inc. was branded in 2015, and has two locations, San Francisco and Mountain View, California. It is a global platform where freelance professionals and businesses can connect and join forces remotely. Upwork has over twelve million freelancers registered, and five million registered clients. Three million jobs are psoted annually.

Matt Badiali Helps to Substantiate the Viability of Freedom Checks

Freedom checks have hit headlines for both good and bad reasons. The bad reasons could be due to the wrong impression created by misleading advertisers. The good reasons could be due to the potential opportunities that “checks” have brought forward. Well, starting from the beginning, what are they? They are the cash payments from public companies in the natural resources sector to the United States citizens who invested in the companies.

The freedom checks are not free cash received from the U.S. government as portrayed by companies who have resorted to make use of the opportunity to advertise brands. Although the payment is received indirectly from the government, the “checks” are not issued for free. People invest in them and get payments in return. Actually, they could be a legitimate investment opportunity.

Matt Badiali believes that many people have not understood the whole concept of freedom checks. Americans have not understood the investment opportunities that have been brought by the “checks”. According to Matt Badiali, the investment opportunity can pay better than what government programs pay.

Matt Badiali is a financial and investment expert. He is at the forefront of the whole investment concept and he has shed more light on how freedom checks came to be. But first, let’s check his experience and education background.

Matt Badiali graduated with Bachelor of Science in Earth sciences from Penn State University. He later proceeded to pursue his master’s degree in Florida Atlanta University where he graduated with Master of Science in Geology. While working in the mines, Badiali gained a lot of experience and interacted with senior executives in the sector who enlightened him about the natural resource sector.

He became interested in finding ways of generating profits from the companies in the natural resources. He came up with the idea of master limited partnerships (MLP) which laid ground for the “checks”.

The companies that are involved with the business are required to meet some conditions. First, the companies must possess assets worth at least $1 billion. Second, the companies have to commit to distribute payments to investors in a regular basis. In line with this, Matt Badiali is well versed with the in-depth workings of the freedom checks and therefore, he has endeavored to determine the companies that pose good potential profits on behalf of the people.

Dick DeVos helps to turn around economy of Grand Rapids, Michigan

Dick DeVos is best known for being a Republican politician. His narrow loss to Jennifer Granholm in the 2006 gubernatorial race for the state of Michigan cemented his image in the public mind as a career politician. DeVos is also the husband of longtime Republican leader and current Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. These associations with Republican politics have become, for better or worse, what the majority of people who have heard of Dick DeVos think about when they hear his name.


However, the truth is that Dick DeVos is a highly accomplished entrepreneur, civic leader and education reformer. In fact, the vast bulk of his accomplishments have nothing to do with politics at all. Around his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, DeVos is thought of less as a political figure and more of a leading business figure and someone who has been instrumental in the high level of success that the city has experienced.


Today, Grand Rapids ranks among the only major cities in the entire Midwestern United States that is consistently experiencing year-over-year growth. The city has been ranked by such publications as Forbes and Travel and Leisure as among the best places in the United States in which to live, play and work. But things were not always so good for Grand Rapids. In the late 1980s, the town that had once been the furniture manufacturing capital of the world had fallen on hard times. Amid a backdrop of widespread deindustrialization, Grand Rapids was quickly sliding towards the same abysmal fate that had consumed many of its sister cities, such as Flint, Detroit and Toledo.


The city’s industrial base was quickly shrinking. This was causing increasing commercial real estate vacancy, leaving block after block of the city’s urban core populated with abandoned heavy industrial properties with few alternative uses. At the same time, the city’s crime rate began to spike. This was leading to more flight of the productive classes to the outlying suburbs. It was clear that something needed to be done.


Dick DeVos was willing to step up to the plate and make the big moves that were needed to save the city. He started the Grand Action Committee, a committee of more than 50 of the area’s top business leaders, who were dedicated to fomenting enough investment to create a critical mass of economic activity that would carry the city into a prosperous future.


DeVos was among the first to commit his own money to the project. All told, DeVos invested tens of millions of his own money in downtown-area projects. The DeVos Convention Center is among the most prominent of these. But DeVos was also instrumental in creating the Medical Mile as well as the Van Andel Arena. Today, as a result of his efforts, downtown Grand Rapids is one of the most thriving city centers in the country.


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Sheldon Lavin On Serving Food and Goals in One Breath

Sheldon Lavin is the third son the founder of OSI Group Otto Kolschowsky, never had but was proud to adopt in business. He met the three Kolschowskys in his years as a financial advisor and them small-time people in the industry looking to expand their horizons. The great match worked together until their father retired leaving his now three sons to continue his legacy.

While Sheldon Lavin had helped father and sons achieve their dreams, he teamed with his sons to establish a dynasty known today as the OSI Group. The same way he became embraced by a family with a German origin that he barely knew is the same way Sheldon Lavin welcomes his employees today. He calls them family.

Nothing Short of Success

The years Sheldon Lavin has spent in the OSI Group are clear investments. When he was asked to join the company as a partner, he did not have second thoughts or doubt his ability to bring on board excellence. People often strive to leave a place better than they found it but Sheldon Levin did not leave, and the OSI Group has a lot to show for his presence and his leadership skills. He is the reason the company enjoys business abroad. It is because of his enormous appetite for success that the company diversified from meat production to meat and other food products. For Sheldon, a customer is never satisfied, and it is this thought that provokes his thinking beyond customer needs.

The Chief Executive Officer is proof that any company with good leadership can sail troubled waters. He is helping smaller food companies with big dreams to unleash their potential by taking them under his wing. Companies like Baho Food from West Germany will one day attest to the milestones they achieved all thanks to Sheldon for giving them a platform when they needed it the most.

More on Sheldon Levin

He believes that anyone can make it within the fifteen seconds of fame by jumping at the idea and growing it long after the fifteen seconds ended. He is the perfect example for people in business who worry of failure, he was once a beginner, and his most significant stepping stone may have been the confidence to just beginning. Sheldon’s journey from finance to food and OSI Group’s from Otto & Sons is an intertwined story where one cannot get narrated without the other. Sheldon is the proud owner of the Global Visionary Award. Dreams do come true because the owner of OSI Group was once only a financial advisor.

The Role of Dr. Rick Shinto in the Growth of InnovaCare Health

Healthcare facilities are some of the most critical facilities in the country as they play a vital role in ensuring that the members of the community remain healthy. InnovaCare Health is one of the leading healthcare facilities in the United States that has incorporated both Medicare health plans and Medicaid so that it can offer quality and comprehensive care to the members of the public. Most of the healthcare models used in this facility are cost-effective, which makes them acceptable and customized to any person who seeks physician services from the facility.


According to InnovaCare Health, there are multiple health challenges affecting members of the community in the world today. Therefore, the role of the organization is to work hard in ensuring that all these challenges are solved professionally by putting patients first. This is not what other healthcare facilities in the country are doing. Most of them are focusing on ensuring that they accumulate profit at the expense of their patients. In fact, some medical facilities go to the extent of overcharging and diagnosing patients with wrong disorders so that they can get an opportunity to charge them inflated costs. For more details visit Manta.


However, InnovaCare Health could not have achieved these benefits without the assistance of Dr. Rick Shinto, who acts as the president of the organization. The experienced leader has more than twenty years’ experience in management and leadership roles where he has proved himself beyond doubt that he can handle critical issues in the company. Most of all, Dr. Rick Shinto has skills and knowledge in working in managed care after working in a significant number of clinics and operational healthcare facilities. His educational background, a bachelor’s degree in medicine and a Master in Business Administration, gives Dr. Shinto knowledge and widespread knowledge in various fields. You can visit



After a prolonged period of working in various organizations such as the Chief Executive of Aveta Incorporated and as the president of Medical Management for MedPartners, Dr. Rick Shinto has an added advantage as he will be able to understand how the sector operates. Previous experience helps Dr. Shinto to operate in other organizations with the necessary experience, knowledge, and skills that cannot be matched. His dedication and commitment at InnovaCare have brought out the best from the experienced leader. This explains why Dr. Rick Shinto won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur award after showing leadership and concern to the members of the society.


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Shiraz Boghani – The Dynamic Investor With Tremendous Investment Prowess

Having worked for the hospitality sector for more than 3 decades, Shiraz Boghani recently got awarded with Asian Business Award, after been named the 2016 best hotelier. Boghani track record of being a dynamic entrepreneur is undisputed, in addition to him working with many corporations across multiple sectors. Currently, Boghani is the managing partner of the UK-based healthcare company, Sussex Healthcare. He is the Chairman and a longtime co-founder of The Splendid Hospitality Group.

Shiraz Boghani owns and runs 19 luxurious hotels throughout the UK. He is among the UK’s most dynamic entrepreneurs. Despite having a background in accountancy, the chartered accountant is passionate about the today’s hospitality sector. Besides, he is among the pioneer hoteliers who brought the service branded hotels in London. His latest and most exciting projects in his business life include the launching of the Hilton London Bankside, which is one of London’s most luxurious and stylish hotels with an estimated value of 121 million pounds.

He boasts several other flagship hotels across the UK, which includes St James-Conrad London, York& Holiday Inn and Grand Hotel and Spa. Having shaped the hospitality industry, nothing could have been better than honoring him with the award. While receiving the Hotelier Award, Boghani expressed his excitement noting how thrilled he was to receive the award. The hotelier said that hotels make a huge chunk of his investments, and hence he felt extremely proud for contributing to the hospitality sector. Due to his forward-thinking and innovative abilities, Shiraz Boghani has quickly identified other investment opportunities, more specifically after co-founding Sussex Healthcare in 1985. The firm has 19 healthcare facilities that host over 500 beds.

Apart from investing, Shiraz Boghani also dedicates his resources to several charitable organizations. The entrepreneur further supports many voluntary services. Born in Kenya, Africa, the entrepreneur relocated to the UK where he began his studies in accountancy. His strong commitment to business and the community has made him hold several senior positions. He is respected tremendously among the Ismaili community not only for his investment prowess but still for playing a significant role in the progress of his community.


Herbalife Nutrition Teams Up With The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising to Develop Activewear Line

Herbalife Nutrition has just teamed up the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) to develop a line of activewear to be sold through the company’s Independent Distributors.


Herbalife is based out of Los Angeles and was founded by Mark Hughes in 1980. What started as a single nutritional protein shake to aid in weight management, continues to be a top seller decades later. Now the company is a global corporation. Thousands of Independent Distributors provide customers with an extensive line of nutritional and beauty products and soon will be offering an exclusive activewear line to the mix, thanks to the students at FDIM. This design competition ties in perfectly with Herbalife’s goals and will begin during FIDM’s new school year.


The contest will be part of the Advanced Study Program called International Manufacturing and Product Development. This exciting competition will divide students into teams where they will design and manufacture an activewear collection that promotes an energetic and healthy lifestyle. Students will get a chance to work individually on some designs as well as with the group, allowing them the opportunity to showcase their talents. Once teams have completed their collections, they will present their designs in front of a panel of FIDM’s instructors and the team from Herbalife Nutrition. Along with showcasing their themed, cohesive looks, they also must provide color and fabric selections with sourcing and production statistics, along with a final test to explain their strategy to merchandise the collection.


This exciting new endeavor by Herbalife Nutrition will extend its brand even further in promoting healthy lifestyle choices. By working with one of the world’s top fashion design schools, it will give students unique, hands-on experience in the global fashion marketplace. Students in the competition will travel to design hubs like Paris and Milan, conduct research to understand the customers of today, learn about the Independent Distributor’s customers, and understand how top athletes influence the opinions of people. Students will also sit in on sessions with Herbalife Nutrition, speak with company leaders from around the world, and visit Houston to attend the annual meeting.

Rodrigo Terpins and Why He Is More Than Just A Talented Corporate Executive

The name Rodrigo Terpins may already strike a chord to many business professionals as he is known to be an investment manager as well as operations director. His name may already remind people in Sao Paulo, Brazil how to lead and stay in an executive position long enough to stay relevant. However, what many people don’t yet realize is that the passion, career and innovation of Terpins don’t just stick in the corporate sector. His passion for service isn’t limited by the barriers in the corporate world. Terpins right now is also carving a name in the field of racing. In fact, he is right now the Director and Team Creator of the Sertoes Rally racing group, Bull Sertoes Rally Team.



One of the recent racing challenges that Rodrigo Terpins has won is the T1 Prototype Category in the Rally dos Sertoes or Sertoes Rally. It was there that he won with his team the ranking of being in the Top 6. Everyone already knows that Sertoes Rallies are known for their difficult racing paths in the offroad racing category. The terrains usually used in the Sertoes Rally are so difficult, that the racers who participate in them tend to risk their lives. Many racers are even bowled over by the challenges integrated in the Sertoes’ paths. But this didn’t stop Terpins and his team to join the race. They still persisted, faced the difficult muddy and sinuous terrains, and won several of the races. In the Cross Brasil article, it is revealed that the dedication of Terpins in the race has resulted to the racing team to won 5th and 6th positions in the Prototypes T1 category. This achievement would also not be possible without the help of the T-Rex vehicle that Terpins used during the entire race. For more details visit



It’s certainly essential to add here that this Sertoes Rally track spans a long distance. It started in the State of Goias and then entered into the Minas Gerais Territory, which is linked at the end of the Paracatu terrain. This suggests that the race isn’t just difficult to begin with, but it is a long, arduous one that would test the racers to their limits.



Whitney Wolfe Created Bumble for Every Woman

Whitney Wolfe made sure that Bumble was a safe spot for women. She knew there were things that would help them connect. By putting the power into the hands of women around the world, Wolfe knew what she could do and how she could help other people with the issues they were fighting. She didn’t want women to deal with harassment any more than they had to so she made a point of always showing people what they could do on their own. There were times when she had to help people understand the right way to do things and that’s how she did business when she came up with the idea for the app. Now Bumble is better than any other app that was a part of the industry before. For Whitney Wolfe, this meant she had to help people have a clear understanding of the things that were happening around the world. Follow Whitney Wolfe on Instagram for more updates.

When the women signed up for Bumble, they could get more from the experiences they had. Bumble gave women a chance to try different things and a chance to do things on their own. With Bumble, they had to initiate the contact. Men couldn’t just start harassing women in a way that was uncomfortable for them. Wolfe made the app so it would be different from any of the other apps that people had access to. The dating app world is changing and Whitney Wolfe is setting the stage for it.

Whitney Wolfe had experience with other dating apps. She wanted to help people make sure they had a chance to do things and she felt it would give her the ability to do things on their own. Since Wolfe knew what they needed, she felt there were times when they could come up with positive experiences. She always wanted people to understand they could do things on their own without the help of a man. She also felt things would change based on the way she ran the app. Wolfe set the scene for apps in the future. It helped them see things that would be different on their own.

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Dr. Saad Saad Has Made Several Contributions To The Medical Industry

Dr. Saad Saad has performed a large number of successful procedures over the course of his career as a pediatric surgeon. Over the years, Dr. Saad Saad noticed the lacking methods for dealing with pain when it came to working with patients, which is why he dedicated a great deal of time to create new procedures that can be used in surgeries that are not only safe but less painful for patients. With more than forty years of experience behind him, Dr. Saad Saad is capable of performing the most complex procedures with a fair degree of success in and out of his region of work. Dr. Saad Saad has worked all over the United States and in other countries as well, such as Jerusalem where he has traveled to help sick children.


One of the first improvements to the medical industry that Dr. Saad Saad made was using integral electromagnetic location devices along with a catheter for patients, which are used to serve a variety of different functions inside and out of medical procedures. They help with draining gas and liquids that are trapped in the patients and allow access to various different tools to be used. In the past, catheters always had to be placed using an x-ray in order to get a fully accurate placement, but this is no longer the case thanks to the invention of Dr. Saad Saad. Using electromagnetic energy to figure out where to place a catheter has made a huge difference when it comes to surgery for patients over the years, especially since they have been able to avoid MRI’s and x-rays that were otherwise unnecessary.


Dr. Saad Saad has also had the opportunity to make improvements to the way people use endoscopes in the business, which are used to look within a person’s body throughout a procedure or during a prior examination. Doctors use this tool in order to get a good clear picture of what is going on inside the body throughout sensitive areas, such as the throat, stomach, and bladder. The body is capable of producing fluid that hampers the usage of the endoscope, making it ineffective until cleaned. Dr. Saad Saad came up with the idea to have an irrigation device used alongside the endoscope in order to keep the pictures clean and the lens from fogging up because of the fluids. Learn more: