Marc Beer Of Renovia Raises $42 Million For Further Product Development

Renovia, Inc., is a Boston, MA-based medical startup that was co-founded by entrepreneur Marc Beer. Working as the company’s chief executive officer, he needs to navigate a complex industry and manage areas such as research and development, financing, and getting a product through the process of FDA approval.

Helping women resolve pelvic floor disorders is the primary mission of Renovia. In order to support further research and development, operations, marketing, and other matters Marc Beer led his company’s Series B round of funding. He successfully raised $32 million in this round and also obtained another $10 million in venture debt.

As many as 250 million women around the world have a pelvic floor disorder. What this condition often results in is urinary incontinence. Renovia is exploring products that can treat this disorder by teaching women pelvic exercises that make improvements as well as monitoring their progress. The first product of theirs thatb received FDA approval is Leva. This is a pelvic floor training system that tracks progress and has been called the “must have” training tool by many pelvic rehabilitation specialists.

Leva is a device that works with a mobile app, Your Leva. The device and app tracks and records each pelvic floor exercise that a woman engages in. This builds a personal health record that she can then provide to her primary care physician who can use the information to provide further medical advice.

Marc Beer stated that the Series B round of funding brought in new investors in addition to further support from existing ones. The investors who took part were Ascension Ventures, Perceptive Advisers, Longwood Fund, OSF Ventures, and Western Technology Investment. He thanked each of these investors and expressed that he was proud that they shared his vision of how to help women with pelvic floor disorders.

He has been in the healthcare industry for 25 years with experience in biotechnology, diagnostics, devices, and pharmaceuticals. It was in the fall of 2016 that he co-founded Renovia along with one of his business partners, Yolanda Lorié. They soon had a successful Series A round of funding that provided the capital they needed to begin developing Leva and other products and services they have in the pipeline.

Marc Beer started out in the healthcare industry in sales and marketing roles. This was at Abbot Laboratories where he worked in their diagnostic and pharmaceutical divisions. He then joined Genzyme where he was the vice president of global marketing. He founded his first firm, ViaCell in the spring of 2000. Working as this firm’s CEO, he built a business that specialized in collecting and preserving umbilical cord stem cells which are used to develop therapies. Learn more: