Jacob Gottlieb is back in investment with Altium Capital

Jacob Gottlieb was the founder of Visium Asset Management, one of the most successful healthcare investment firms in the past one decade. He had created this company in 2005 with only $300 million, and at the time of its collapse, it was worth over $8 billion in assets. The growth of this company was so huge that in three years it had double its assets. The company, however, came to sudden death after some of the top hedge fund managers were indicted for conspiracy and inside trading. In the scandal that followed this expose, Visium Asset Management collapsed after investor withdrew their capital from the firm in one night. The financial situation became so bad that it could no longer stand. Jacob Gottlieb who was the CEO of the firm was left untainted by the scandal that caught some of his employees. In the past couple of years, Jacob Gottlieb has maintained a low professional profile as he wound up the operations of the other company.

Jacob Gottlieb is one of the most brilliant personalities in the healthcare investment industry. He is also one of the people who is trying as much as possible to make a difference in the industry through investment. After winding up Visium, Jacob Gottlieb is back in the investment sector. This time, he has made efforts to come back with a company that will avoid the mistakes of the other one. He has created Altium Capital. This is the new vehicle that he will use to invest and make money on behave of investors. His experience and reputation are enormous.

Jacob Gottlieb is a trained professional in the healthcare sector. He has a degree in medicine and another in economics. Through the experience, he has gained in the industry, and the skills he has in the healthcare and business sectors, he is the best fit for an investor to work with.