Staying Informed and on the Cutting Edge with Newswatch Tv

Recently Andrew Tropeano of Newswatch did an interview with Natalie Van Wijkvliet, Chief Marketing Officer of Avanca, a tech company that develops accessories for mobile devices. In the interview, Natalie discussed how Newswatch helped Avanca market and promote the Ockel Sirius B, a portable personal computer small enough to fit in your pocket but with the same performance one would expect from a desktop computer. Natalie also discussed the Ockel Sirius A, which is similar to the Sirius B but also features an LCD touchscreen.

Owned and operated by Bridge Communications, Newswatch is a video production and communications company with Newswatch TV being their namesake television broadcast that covers various topics such as consumer and product news, entertainment, health, interviews with celebrities, technology and more. Newswatch airs on both the AMC network and the ION network, it is hosted by Anthony Tropeano and has segments done by correspondents Amanda Forstrom, Eric Forrest and Susan Bridges. Programming for Newswatch began in March of 1990, and has since broadcasted over 1,000 episodes.

The show began as a program that was mainly focused on economic and financial topics. From there Newswatch began to diversify to cover a wider range of subjects. The program seeks to inform its audience as well as provide a platform for clients to market their products or services. Newswatch gives SMT interviews, (on-location satellite media tour) VNR’s (video news releases) and also engages in non-profit awareness campaigns on the national level. The show airs in the morning hours on the AMC Network, as well as Ion Television and independent local stations.

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