Malcom CasSelle Is Working With WAX In Order To Make Virtual Asset Trading Safe And Available To All

Malcom CasSelle has been working with OPSkins for many years as its CIO and has been helping the company to lead the way in the virtual assets industry. The company has gained popularity all over the world and has now created the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). The goal of WAX is to offer people a decentralized marketplace where they can trade virtual assets and in-game items securely. WAX runs on blockchain technology and helps to solve the issues of fragmentation and fraud. People can trade virtual items without ever having to log out of their game.

Malcom CasSelle knows that there are a spread of places where people can trade virtual assets. He also knows that these are fragmented into local areas or regional marketplaces that don’t allow a worldwide trading environment. WAX wil be tokenizing virtual assets, which will make it much easier to trade them without all of the security issues that crop up without blockchain technology being employed. The token will also allow everyone access to trading virtual assets as it created a common utility token as a base for trading.

Malcom CasSelle is the president of WAX and also serves OPSkins as its chief information officer. He earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science while studying at MIT and went on to complete his master’s degree in computer science at Stanford University. CasSelle can speak, both, Mandarin and Japanese, which has helped him a lot as he has worked overseas in Japan and China. CasSelle is also an active investor who invested in companies that found a lot of success including Zynga, Facebook, and Netflix.

Before today, Malcom CasSelle worked with Tronc as the company’s chief technology officer and president. He was in charge of watching over the company’s rapid growth properties by drawing on its digital assets. Before working with Tronc, he served as the senior vice president and general manager of Digital Media at SeaChange Int’l. CasSelle has also been a leading part of a spread of other digital startups, such as, MediaPass, Xfire, and a joint venture with Groupon and Tencent in China.

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