Sheldon Lavin On Serving Food and Goals in One Breath

Sheldon Lavin is the third son the founder of OSI Group Otto Kolschowsky, never had but was proud to adopt in business. He met the three Kolschowskys in his years as a financial advisor and them small-time people in the industry looking to expand their horizons. The great match worked together until their father retired leaving his now three sons to continue his legacy.

While Sheldon Lavin had helped father and sons achieve their dreams, he teamed with his sons to establish a dynasty known today as the OSI Group. The same way he became embraced by a family with a German origin that he barely knew is the same way Sheldon Lavin welcomes his employees today. He calls them family.

Nothing Short of Success

The years Sheldon Lavin has spent in the OSI Group are clear investments. When he was asked to join the company as a partner, he did not have second thoughts or doubt his ability to bring on board excellence. People often strive to leave a place better than they found it but Sheldon Levin did not leave, and the OSI Group has a lot to show for his presence and his leadership skills. He is the reason the company enjoys business abroad. It is because of his enormous appetite for success that the company diversified from meat production to meat and other food products. For Sheldon, a customer is never satisfied, and it is this thought that provokes his thinking beyond customer needs.

The Chief Executive Officer is proof that any company with good leadership can sail troubled waters. He is helping smaller food companies with big dreams to unleash their potential by taking them under his wing. Companies like Baho Food from West Germany will one day attest to the milestones they achieved all thanks to Sheldon for giving them a platform when they needed it the most.

More on Sheldon Levin

He believes that anyone can make it within the fifteen seconds of fame by jumping at the idea and growing it long after the fifteen seconds ended. He is the perfect example for people in business who worry of failure, he was once a beginner, and his most significant stepping stone may have been the confidence to just beginning. Sheldon’s journey from finance to food and OSI Group’s from Otto & Sons is an intertwined story where one cannot get narrated without the other. Sheldon is the proud owner of the Global Visionary Award. Dreams do come true because the owner of OSI Group was once only a financial advisor.