Shiraz Boghani – The Dynamic Investor With Tremendous Investment Prowess

Having worked for the hospitality sector for more than 3 decades, Shiraz Boghani recently got awarded with Asian Business Award, after been named the 2016 best hotelier. Boghani track record of being a dynamic entrepreneur is undisputed, in addition to him working with many corporations across multiple sectors. Currently, Boghani is the managing partner of the UK-based healthcare company, Sussex Healthcare. He is the Chairman and a longtime co-founder of The Splendid Hospitality Group.

Shiraz Boghani owns and runs 19 luxurious hotels throughout the UK. He is among the UK’s most dynamic entrepreneurs. Despite having a background in accountancy, the chartered accountant is passionate about the today’s hospitality sector. Besides, he is among the pioneer hoteliers who brought the service branded hotels in London. His latest and most exciting projects in his business life include the launching of the Hilton London Bankside, which is one of London’s most luxurious and stylish hotels with an estimated value of 121 million pounds.

He boasts several other flagship hotels across the UK, which includes St James-Conrad London, York& Holiday Inn and Grand Hotel and Spa. Having shaped the hospitality industry, nothing could have been better than honoring him with the award. While receiving the Hotelier Award, Boghani expressed his excitement noting how thrilled he was to receive the award. The hotelier said that hotels make a huge chunk of his investments, and hence he felt extremely proud for contributing to the hospitality sector. Due to his forward-thinking and innovative abilities, Shiraz Boghani has quickly identified other investment opportunities, more specifically after co-founding Sussex Healthcare in 1985. The firm has 19 healthcare facilities that host over 500 beds.

Apart from investing, Shiraz Boghani also dedicates his resources to several charitable organizations. The entrepreneur further supports many voluntary services. Born in Kenya, Africa, the entrepreneur relocated to the UK where he began his studies in accountancy. His strong commitment to business and the community has made him hold several senior positions. He is respected tremendously among the Ismaili community not only for his investment prowess but still for playing a significant role in the progress of his community.