Herbalife Nutrition Teams Up With The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising to Develop Activewear Line

Herbalife Nutrition has just teamed up the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) to develop a line of activewear to be sold through the company’s Independent Distributors.


Herbalife is based out of Los Angeles and was founded by Mark Hughes in 1980. What started as a single nutritional protein shake to aid in weight management, continues to be a top seller decades later. Now the company is a global corporation. Thousands of Independent Distributors provide customers with an extensive line of nutritional and beauty products and soon will be offering an exclusive activewear line to the mix, thanks to the students at FDIM. This design competition ties in perfectly with Herbalife’s goals and will begin during FIDM’s new school year.


The contest will be part of the Advanced Study Program called International Manufacturing and Product Development. This exciting competition will divide students into teams where they will design and manufacture an activewear collection that promotes an energetic and healthy lifestyle. Students will get a chance to work individually on some designs as well as with the group, allowing them the opportunity to showcase their talents. Once teams have completed their collections, they will present their designs in front of a panel of FIDM’s instructors and the team from Herbalife Nutrition. Along with showcasing their themed, cohesive looks, they also must provide color and fabric selections with sourcing and production statistics, along with a final test to explain their strategy to merchandise the collection.


This exciting new endeavor by Herbalife Nutrition will extend its brand even further in promoting healthy lifestyle choices. By working with one of the world’s top fashion design schools, it will give students unique, hands-on experience in the global fashion marketplace. Students in the competition will travel to design hubs like Paris and Milan, conduct research to understand the customers of today, learn about the Independent Distributor’s customers, and understand how top athletes influence the opinions of people. Students will also sit in on sessions with Herbalife Nutrition, speak with company leaders from around the world, and visit Houston to attend the annual meeting.