Southridge Capital Helps the Finances of its Clients

Southridge Capital is a well respected financial institution. The company prides itself on being able to offer a wide range of innovative financial solutions for its clients. They have worked with over 250 public companies to date, and during that learned what business leaders are concerned with the most. They have staff who are trained for any help an individual might need. The CEO of Southridge Capital, Stephen Hicks, recently conducted an interview with Ideamensch to discuss his business approach.


The concept for Southridge Capital stemmed from his personal need for a hedge fund. He needed a place for the principal to settle down. A typical day for Stephen Hicks involves checking the portfolios and acting accordingly. While also making time for research into new potential opportunities. Its the culmination of years of experience that Stephen Hicks cites as his main driver of ideas. He knows the usual people on the market, and those who need a push. Stephen Hicks is very much excited about the prospects of Cryptocurrency and pot on the market.


During the later portion of the interview, Stephen Hicks provides a few pieces of personal advice. He usses a daily list and following the money generates his productivity. It is also critical to keep in mind that the government is not your friend and less deals the better. He then suggests for readers to look into Cryptocurrency and begin sharing information. It has a wealth of potential in the near future.


It is Stephen Hicks’s personal drive to succeed and the connections he has made that makes Southridge Capital very successful. Their services in Securitization, Credit Enhancing, and Financing Solutions, have helped countless clients over the years. The board is also only composed of 5 individuals. The company promotes responsible practices and giving back to the community. It’s no wonder how they have developed a strong core loyal client base. You can visit their Facebook page.