OSI Food Solutions won the Globe of Honor by British Safety Council

OSI Food Solutions has been awarded the prestigious globe of honor award by the British safety council. This comes as crowning for their excellence in the environmental risk management. OSI Food was among other 18 organizations, which received this noble prize. This award is presented to firms, which have highlighted excellence when it comes to environmental management. For any organization to qualify in the nomination of this award, it first has to secure five stars in a comprehensive audit conducted by the British safety council. For the OSI Food , they showed excellence especially in their business premises and their environs. This award meant that OSI Food Solutions is one of the firms that put health, safety, and environmental well-being for all at the forefront of their service provision.

Their Recent Purchase of Tyson Food Plant

To better their operation, the OSI Food Solutions have purchased the Tyson food plant, which is a storage entity and food processing facility. This plant was formally under the operation of the Tyson foods facility. This purchase will enhance their capacity to handle the rapidly growing customer needs efficiently. This move has also helped to curb other issues that were related to deteriorating service provisions at the Tysons foods. As such, vast numbers of employees at this firm who were on the rim of losing their jobs are likely to be on the safest side. Additionally, this firm is close to other Chicago plants hence it will help to improve the operations of the OSI Food . Before this acquisition, the Tyson foods focused on the production of meat products mainly for the hospitality facilities.

Their Recent Purchase of Flagship Europe

OSI Food Solutions has also made one of their noble investments by purchasing the flagship Europe a company located in the United Kingdom. Before this acquisition, flagship Europe has been at the forefront of the provision of the food services in multiple markets in the UK. This purchase is a significant move for both OSI Food and the flagship Europe, as it will help to increase products and services provided by these firms in the United Kingdom.

About OSI Food Solutions: www.kununu.com/de/osi-food-solutions-germany-osi-group-inc