Month: July 2018

Graeme Holm at the helm of the Infinity Group Australia

Infinity Group Australia is a leading organization in Australia in offering financial related advice to clients. The organization is was started in 2013 by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker with the aim of offering financial services especially on the reduction of loans and other money management services. The organization was started a few years ago, […]

OSI Industries in Relation with Their CEO: Sheldon Lavin

Every person has their dreams that they need to achieve. Some live their dreams while others spend their time daydreaming. The difference between the two individuals is how far they are ready to go to fulfill their dreams. It is important that one remains focused, and remember what they are fighting to accomplish. Sheldon Lavin […]

Meet Peter Briger; The Co-Chairman at Fortress Investment Group

There are many entrepreneurs and financial managers doing well in New York City. Peter Briger is one of the great personalities performing excellently in the financial industry. At Fortress Investment Group, Peter is the co-chairman of the board of directors and the leading financial manager. He has been in the frontline to ensure that the […]

OSI Food Solutions won the Globe of Honor by British Safety Council

OSI Food Solutions has been awarded the prestigious globe of honor award by the British safety council. This comes as crowning for their excellence in the environmental risk management. OSI Food was among other 18 organizations, which received this noble prize. This award is presented to firms, which have highlighted excellence when it comes to […]