Roseann Bennett’s Guide To Leading A Happy Life

Mental health is increasingly becoming a challenge in today’s society. From the rampant school shootings, addiction, eating disorders, anxiety to depression, it’s evident that it is essential for individuals to address their mental issues and safeguard their psychological well-being.


The Mental Health Awareness campaign runs in May, and Roseann Bennett of the Center for Assessment and Treatment tries to play her part in addressing this challenge by advising and enlightening people on what to do to ensure they lead a life of mental stability.


Roseann Bennett urges individuals to focus more on the positive things in their life. She insists that it is essential to reflect on the successes of the day. This can be done at home or in the workplace. Roseann believes that positive thinking impacts people positively while negative thinking only drains people.


Another vital tip of monitoring mental health is letting go of situations and things that cannot be controlled. Roseann encourages people to adjust themselves when in situations they can’t control or avoid and try to find solutions instead of wallowing in self-pity and guilt.


Stress can harm individuals in many ways including affecting their health and productivity at work. It is crucial for individuals to watch out for stress and identify its triggers so that it can be managed before it causes severe damage. Roseann Bennett points out that one way of handling stress is by talking to someone you trust like a best friend, religious leader or seeking professional help from a therapist.


Roseann Bennett is an acclaimed family and marriage therapist with more than ten years of experience in assessment and therapy. Currently she serves as an Executive Director at the Center for Assessment and Treatment which she established in 2010 with her husband. In addition to helping individuals solve their mental issues, Roseann is also a dedicated mother. Read This Article for additional information.



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