Sean Penn’s Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is Worth the Read

If you are an avid reader then this is just the right book for you. Not only does Sean Penn’s Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff encompass some literary acts but also some trippy journey into major facts that affect the society at large. This is a book that demands some mental indulgence from your conscious. Perhaps you will have to scratch your head to decipher the facts that will come with the action in most chapters. It is a perfect book for fans that prefer wild classics like Thomas Pynchon in addition to Hunter S. Thompson.


Background Information


Originally launched as a slimmer version that came as a mysterious audiobook in 2016, with Sean Penn retelling the story in Pappy Pariah’s pseudonym, the book has now been built on a clear path that encompasses a detailed narrative. That said it features a broad, unsubtle reference to the current president. Moreover, it also travels down into the chaotic scene revolving around Republicans and their convention.


Describing the Book


Other than that, ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’ features Bob Honey, a boomer working for different small companies that include him serving as a part time assassin. In it, is an additional character that takes up after El Chapo. Of course, given that Sean Penn had previously interacted with El Chapo, a famous Mexican drug lord, it is only normal for him to be quite familiar with the character.


The Language


When it comes to his choice of language used, Sean Penn attempts to use the normal ambitious prose coupled with a stylish touch that flourishes into a sticky as well as an overwrought piece. In some context, he travels into conspiratorial messages that call for more mental input in order for an individual to understand the content. For instance, there is a scene that covers a shooting in Dallas where five police officers are involved. In that scene, the media had played a key role in influencing the mass shooting of policemen.


The Overview


In an interview with The Vogue, it is clear that even after quitting his acting career to become an author, there are a few critics who seem unpleased by his work. Nevertheless he is not shaken by their remarks as he stands by his work and promises to keep it up. Penn who is now using his talent to address issues that affect that society is convinced that the world needs more people who can portray such issues through art.