Anil Chaturvedi Sheds light on the progress India is Making and Potential Benefits for Investing Further in the Nation

Anil Chaturvedi is an Indian Banker whose years of expertise led him to a position to try to convince the leaders of other foreign countries why to invest in India. Here are some ideas he highlighted.

The Indian population has approximately 400 to 450 million people living in the country solely in the middle class. This presents an opportunity for other countries to market toward these 400 to 450 million people on tip attention in make a profit off of them. Items in the goods that Indian middle class typically purchases are good stead are actually sold in European States and in the United States so the goods are very similar and can also be marketed to these people for profit.

Another helpful possibility for European investing you how Europe is currently going through a recession where they’re experiencing only 3 to 4% on good days of a return in companies while others aren’t doing very well. However in India right now Indian business owners won’t even look at deals if the company growth hasn’t gotten to acquaint of 15 to 20% growth. Anil is trying to do is bridge the gap between Europe and India by transportation ability from Europe into India and making the European companies profit at the same time while at the same time we are helping her in the country in India getting new technology and new systems and procedures. There are a couple of other developments which Anil specifically highlights and one of them is the smart cities, transportation, communications, airports, environment, and water management is a very big issue. Most are not even aware about it as to India’s economic and political stability and that they got a new government for the first time in about 45 years when we had a single parliamentary party which has a majority in the Parliament previous governments were all coalition governments in they had to depend upon several communal and local parties which is not the case here today. Anil discussed that continual advancements of his nation and how now they are a powerful vehicle to invest and make profit while the very nation will continue to grow from the benefits India offers.