Great Accomplishment of Louis Chenevert at United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert has a remarkable record in the business industry due to his significant achievements and accomplishment in his career. The success that this Canadian businessman has was not attained smoothly, but it was through determination and hard work. Louis was born in 1958, and his entrepreneurship interest began during his young age and decided to be committed in all his endeavors so that he can be able to get the success he deserves. He attended the University of Montreal and earned his degree in commerce in production management and later received his doctorate from the same institution.


Louis worked with United Technologies Corporation (UTC) as the Chief Executive Officer and chairperson. He managed prestigious positions of this firm till his retirement in 2014. However, it is important to note that Louis Chenevert worked with other organizations before he joined UTC such as Pratt & Whitney as the President, and for a period of 14 years serving at General Motors as Production general manager. Therefore, when he joined UTC, he was well equipped with skills and knowledge that is required for better management of an organization to be productive. Louis made it easy for the UTC to be competitive in the market of technology.


He could make sure that all the available opportunities are well utilized for the betterment of the company. Louis Chenevert was creative in all the tasks that he handled and ensured that despite the economic crises that could affect the production of various firms UTC could not be affected. To ensure that the UTC was not negatively impacted he established a strong foundation that would enable it to overcome the forces that are there in the market sector. For every successful entrepreneur and businesspeople, they have some key competencies that drive them towards their goals.

According to Louis Chenevert, it was the hard work and passion that he had in the businesses that he managed since he devoted his time and energy to ensuring success and accomplishment of set goals. And for this reason, the United Technologies Corporation is the most reputable and reliable company in the technology industry since Louis Chenevert left a great foundation.