The Chainsmokers Unchain hearts

In May of 2018 the infamous Swedish EDM group better known as the Chainsmokers highlighted the stage of the 2018 Billboard Music Awards with fellow singer and songwriter Halsey. These two groundbreaking entertainers definitely aren’t strangers to grasping the attention of the public, especially those die hard fans who’ve been following their careers since their breakthrough titles like the 2014 techno hit “Selfie. All the way to their massive collaborating hit “Closer” which featured the beautiful singer/songwriter New Jersey native co-presenter Halsey. Together the collaboration managed to top the Billboard charts in 2016 landing in the number one spot for weeks in eleven countries.

However, their collaboration during the big night came with a bittersweet celebration. As the trio presented the award to the deserving Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi for his recent hit “Despacito” they also took a moment to pay respects and kind words to their successful fellow EDM DJ named Avicci, whom died in April of 2018 from suicide. During this unfortunate event we were given the opportunity to see the humanizing side of the entertainers we love as they shared their loving message for a friend; expressing how all people can make a tremendous difference when we realize our greatness within ourselves and each other.

Elevating from the climbing spot and reminiscent days of a group who in the past would fight to be on the DJ Magazine list and never make it – to later being ranked at the number 18 spot on the DJ list by the the year 2016. During their speech the popular trio also highlighted the need for mental illness awareness. The group Chainsmokers expressed their gratitude for fellow DJs’ such as their late friend Avicci. Before the night ended the group racked up another Billboard award for their streaming success quoting that “Avicci is someone who made us believe that this was something we could do with our lives.” It was a powerful ending message to those who dare to make a difference in the lives of others.