Nick Vertucci Launches His Book on Investment Secrets

The story of Nick Vertucci is as inspiring as it is interesting. He is a real estate investor who rose through the ashes, not once but severally, to become one of the most successful real estate investors. He used his failure and success experience to develop a course that can be used by anyone across the globe to try their hand in real estate investment and succeed. He also started the NIVREA College of real estate investment. He was inspired to help others get out financial slavery and succeed just like he did. It is said that Nick was born of a poor family that could hardly make ends meet. He struggled through his basic education and started an enterprise soon after he completed high school. Nick continues to enrich the world of investment in real estate by sharing his thoughts using all available media. He recently released a book which serves as both a guide and memoir.

The Seven Figure Decisions

Nick Vertucci uses his book titled The Seven Figure Decisions: Having the balls to Succeed to share his experience and challenges that he has faced in life and on his path to real estate bliss. He details the principles that have guided his path to financial recovery and the success he has experienced with his investments. Fundamentally, Nick Vertucci re-emphasizes the old adage that one cannot make it rich if they keep playing it safe all the time. He explains the decisions one needs to make so as to move from the middle-level income bracket to a millionaire. In particular, Nick explains in his book, the specific lessons he picked up in his struggles to reach where he is. He, further, shows how he dealt with the mistakes he had made. Some of the highlights in the books include lessons relating to the importance of serving clients with diligence at whatever cost, and how such an approach is related to moving from a lower level to a Seven-Figure status. He also explains how one can push the fears they have held in the past to the back banner, and how to alter the mindset to pursue one’s dreams. Other lessons include how to hope for greater things and cast one’s eyes beyond the ordinary expectations. In the end, he links such approaches to how they can influence business and personal results.


Nick Vertucci’s book has been acknowledged by experienced investors on the American market. One of the prominent investors that have acknowledged the ideas in the book is Kevin Harrington. Kevin is the founder of As Seen on TV.