ClassDojo creates a helpful atmosphere for teachers and parents.

I think many people would not disagree that teaching can be a very demanding and difficult job. One of the least discussed aspects of the job, however, may be the fact that many of the teachers, despite being around children and other people all day, can often become lonely. Even though there are plenty of kids around, many teachers do not get the time to be able to converse with and be around their peers. This can add a feeling of loneliness on top of the usual stresses that teachers have to deal with.

Many teachers, however, are finding themselves able to solve this problem using a new app named ClassDojo. ClassDojo can be described as a social network that connects teachers parents and students. Primarily, ClassDojo is used to help the teachers interact with the parents and share with them upcoming events that the students are partaking in, as well as any progress and milestones the student may have accomplished. This app has created a large network of teachers having already been used by over 85,000 Schools, including private, charter, and public school. ClassDojo was created to fill the gap in communication between parents and teachers which many of the other educational app companies ignored in favor of making curriculum, testing, and tutoring apps. The goals of the creators of ClassDojo are to get their app into as many teachers hands as possible. They have not yet turned a profit, nor do they intend to harvest user data to sell to companies.

One of the advantages of using ClassDojo is to get assistance from teachers in other cities and states. For example, say you have a student who speaks another language came into your class and you do not know how to reach the student. You can speak to other teachers in other locations which are familiar with this and they can help you, or you can speak to the parents themselves to work out a solution. This app is created to build a communication platform for everyone involved in the lives of the students, so they can be sure that these students are getting all the help they need.