Gender Biased Rules And How Whitney Wolfe Tackles Them

When looking at the history of humanity, there has always been a divide between genders. This divide has gone beyond the biological aspects of gender. There have also been laws that have governed genders. The only issue with this is that there have been perceptions of unfairness and injustice. Women have felt like they were oppressed by men. This has especially been evident when it came to the workplace. Women had to go through a special type of hazing. They have also had to accept lower pay in some cases and do special favors. Even when it came to dating and relationships, women were given rules that limited them.

This is where Whitney Wolfe comes in. She is working very hard to bring women to an equal level with men. When she started on Bumble, she did not want to make a dating app. She instead wanted to make an app for women to interact with one another. She was talked into creating a dating app. Therefore, she has looked into something that she can use to empower women. As Whitney Wolfe has thought about it, she has noticed an unwritten rule in dating that suggests that women shouldn’t approach men. She did not understand or agree with that rule. Therefore, she has created Bumble with the configuration that keeps men from initiating with women.

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She has not only made Bumble with the purpose of having women approach, she has also put her ideas into practice when she met Michael Herd. This has turned out to be a success because they soon got married. As of right now, they are enjoying a good relationship. Whitney is also working on extensions to the app for women’s empowerment. Among the gender biased rules that Whitney has taken on is the rule against women earning a lot of money. She has done that with Bumble Bizz.