Entrepreneur and developer Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is the most successful investor and entrepreneur in Brazil. He was born in 1958 in Joao Pessoa. Roberto Santiago went to Pio x Marist College and later studied at the University of Joao Pessoa where he obtained a Bachelors of Business Administration degree. Roberto is the founder and the owner of the famous largest shopping mall in Brazil. He named it Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. It is strategically located between two beaches in Joao Pessoa, which gives it a unique taste to be more preferred and loved by shoppers. The mall users enjoy visiting the mall as they view the beautiful Brazilian beaches.

He started his entrepreneurship career at a tender age by establishing a Cartonnage Company. He designed and manufactured cardboards and cartons which he sold locally and to various commercial businesses. Later, Roberto Santiago ventured into real estate and acquired a large plot of land in Joao Pessoa where he later established the Manaira Mall. Santiago had passion and vision for the mall business. He invested a lot of finance and time to see his dream coming true. The construction project took two years to be completed. The mall was fitted with gaming area, food courts, college, banks, gym, theatre, rooftop concert hall, financial companies, and much more.

Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall was built to a host a large number of shoppers and users. It has spacious space for various activities. The entertainment section is one of a kind. The mall features the famous Brazilian hall, Domus Hall that is located on the rooftop. The hall is unique in such a way it can host 10,000 people. It is featured with high-tech music system, soundproofed walls and air conditioners to make the users more comfortable.

The Domus Hall is suitable for conferences, wedding parties, concerts, exhibitions, trade fairs and much more. Under entertainment section, the mall has a large gaming area suitable for both children and adults. It encompasses the bowling alley, electronic amusement park and hundreds of betting machines.

The mall also has the best restaurants in the country including the Waynes, Espaco Gourmet, and Capital Steakhouse. They all provide custom meals to suit the taste and preferences of the customers. Through all the facilities, stores and commercial business that are found in the shopping mall, Roberto Santiago earns a lot of revenue. The mall has increased the economy of the state and has created a substantial number of employment opportunities for the residents of Brazil.

Although the heart of Roberto`s success remains to be the Manaira Shopping mall, he established and developed another mall in 2013. Mangeira Mall has the same qualities as his first mall although it is smaller than the Manaira Mall.