Wes Edens, Uncorks The Risks Of Alternative Strategies

Known for its corporate business structure, Fortress Investment Group reached a pinnacle of success with $44 billion in managed assets in December 2017. Lead by Wes Edens, who is one of the original founding partners; the firm evolved from a single asset based fund into a larger global investment house. Wes also serves as the Chairman and since its inception in 1998, he has played a central role in helping clients reach long term financial prosperity.To achieve this level of longevity, Fortress primarily deals in real estate transactions, private equity deals, and traditional and permanent capital markets. However, when it comes to securing sizable financial assets, such as Fortress Investment Group manages, these aren’t just deals drawn up with pen and paper, careful planning and diversity are a must. Because it takes more than just positive thinking to maintain an elite level of success in the financial industry. Wes has been there since the early beginnings. His career as an alternative investment strategist started shortly after earning his undergraduate degree from Oregon State University.

First he worked for Lehman Brothers, where he served as Managing Partner and Director, before moving on to BlackRock Financial Management.From BlackRock , he would eventually end up founding Fortress Investment Group and by this point his knowledge as an investment banker was well established. When people mention his name, it’s associated with “shrewd” but ethical financial investments. He has earned a reputation as a businessman who’s always on the move, seeking new opportunities for his firm to invest venture capital in for potential growth. What sets Wes Edens apart from other alternative strategists is that he still acts like the “boy next door.” Anyone who knows him says that he’s easy going and friendly. This has served him well in his outside ventures, such as ownership of the National Basketball Association team, the Milwaukee Bucks.More than any other thing, owning a professional NBA team, broaden his perspective on the business world. Wes Edens also owns an eSports team.

The eSports league isn’t new, it has been around since the popularity of Atari video games in the 1980s. For a former investment banker and securities trader, Wes Edens is familiar with the importance of diversification. His eSports team FlyQuest, added another ownership aspect to his portfolio, this one began with a bid for a four player deal, vying for a spot with Cloud9 Challenger’s League Championship Series.We like men like Wes Edens, because he’s always in the process of evolving. Proof of this in financial terms is his inclusion on Forbes’ Annual Billionaire List. Thanks in part to his purchase of Fortress stock shares. When the firm went public, Wes Edens became a billionaire. His reported net worth, minus his take home salary is an estimated $2.2 billion. He’s no stranger to this, having been ranked since 2007. The reason this doesn’t include his “take home” pay is because of the cash dividends profit from the ownership shares, which are roughly worth a $150 million.