Innovation and Expansion: The Story of the OSI Group

Some older companies struggle to stay relevant in an ever changing market. Some companies fade away, or fail, or get consumed by their competitors. That, however, is not the story of the OSI Group, a primer global food provider. Founded in 1909 as a simple family-owned meat market and butcher shop, the company was dedicated to growth and innovation since the beginning. In 1955, they became McDonald’s first supplier of fresh ground beef, and would expand their logistical support for the fast food company over the years. The company would become OSI Group in 1975, which would be followed shortly by them expanding into the international market with a joint-partnership leading them to Germany. They have expanded since, growing in existing markets, and entering new ones, such as China in 1992.

Even in recent years, the OSI Group has continued to pursue excellence in their field. In 2016, the British Safety Council awarded the OSI Group the Globe of Honour Award, a prestigious annual honor. The award is given to companies who have demonstrated an exemplary management of environmental risks in their business operations. The point of the award is to inspire companies to achieve excellence in environmental management.

This award is not easy to earn, as there are two strict conditions that any organization must meet. The first is that the company has to achieve the maximum rating of five stars in the British Safety Council’s environment management audit for the prior year. Along with meeting that requirement, the company must also prove to an independent panel their excellence in environmental management. Every award winner must meet these two requirements, and in 2016, only 18 business accomplished that. This is not the first time that the OSI Group has been awarded the Globe of Honour. They also won the prestigious award in 2013 and 2015.

Winning this award was by far not the only notable thing they have did in 2016. While working to prove their excellence in environmental management, they were also expanding. One such expansion happened in Chicago, where the OSI Group bought a 20,000 square foot Tyson Foods plant that was closing down. The food plant was bought in a 7.5 million dollar transaction. This new food plant is close to other of the company’s Chicago facilities, and the reason that the company gave for the sizable purchase was that the new food plant would help provide the infrastructure to support continued business growth in the market.