Month: April 2018

Peter Briger, an Elite Business Professional

Peter Briger is an alumnus of both Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Arts as well as a Master’s in Business Administration respectively. His career journey began at Goldman Sachs where he served in various management and leadership roles. It is in this investment banking company […]

The life of Sahm Adrangi

Have you ever been on the internet and seen that somebody has left a negative review? Did you go to the comments because you think they are funny and want to read more? Sahm Adrangi talks about the way that there were investment issues that this company didn’t have a good track record which made […]

Innovation and Expansion: The Story of the OSI Group

Some older companies struggle to stay relevant in an ever changing market. Some companies fade away, or fail, or get consumed by their competitors. That, however, is not the story of the OSI Group, a primer global food provider. Founded in 1909 as a simple family-owned meat market and butcher shop, the company was dedicated […]