Paul Mampilly: Author of investment newsletter, Profits Unlimited

Stock investment is classified as one of the investment opportunities that have a high potential of making one generate huge amounts of capital. Unlike the traditional means of investment which normally do not have any significant returns, stock investments can grow your capital by a huge margin. Stock investment goes overboard and even promises to multiply the initial investment one has made, multiple times. So, in this era, it not advisable to use traditional investment options such as the savings bank accounts. The interests they attract are too low. In short, there no much difference that will be made by investment in a saving account. Stock options, on the other hand, is what every person who is in the investment sector deserves. We are talking about investment options that have so much potential.

As investment guru Paul Mampilly says, this is one of the fields that can make you rich. The fact that one can make a decision that is financially sound, then they can expect to draw good profits from the company. Stock options are one of the best ways through which one can make a lucrative investment deal. The market is wide, and the possibilities are endless.Paul Mampilly is one of the people who call on the players in this sector to make decisions that are informed. If you are an investor in this market, making the right decision is not an option. You have to study the markets and see which have the highest probability of rewarding.

Many are the times when investors make the mistake of jumping on to some stocks without requisite knowledge about the future of the said stocks. Stock investment is about probabilities of the future. One must look at what the company is doing to realise growth in the future. Investing in a company that is doing nothing to make its future worthy is not a good idea. Also, investing in companies that have reached their optimum is another mistake. A company may be looking lucrative, but it has already reached its optimum levels. It is hard for stocks to keep swelling above those levels. Paul Mampilly is a former hedge fund manager of Kinetics Asset Management. He is also the founder of the Profits Unlimited newsletter which talks about investment options in the industry. He frequently pens pieces on various issues going on in the investment industry. His work is to study the dynamics of trade and advise his followers accordingly.