Mark Mofid Talented Specialist

Dr. Mark Mofid is a certified plastic specialist. He is a specialist for the areas of La Jolla and San Diego. Mark Mofid is approved by American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Mark Mofid is also certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Mark Mofid is very committed and determined to provide his patients with superb care and up-to-date inventive reconstructive operations on a daily basis. He demonstrates professional and cultivated expertise while performing aesthetic operations. His professional and cultivated expertise enables him to accomplish marvelous and instinctive looking outcomes for each of his patients. Mark Mofid provides benevolent, meticulous, and customized support throughout the entire rehabilitation duration. Mark Mofid consistently makes sure that each of his patients have an experience that is amiable as it can be while in the care of him and his staff. During conferences Dr. Mark Mofid completes a meticulous assessment to figure out the concerns and ambitions that apply to every individual before suggesting an appropriate treatment strategy.

During his undergraduate studies Mark Mofid attended Harvard University. At Harvard University he received his degree with magna cum laude honors. After Harvard University Mark Mofid attended Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. At Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine he completed learning in routine abscission, plastic abscission, and progressive craniofacial analysis. Dr. Mark Mofid is a specialist at numerous hospitals and takes part in medical seminars.

Mark Mofid has stated in an interview that he does “only intramuscular implants.” He has also stated in an interview that he stands by doing intramuscular implants “even if patients try to push for larger implants.” He has been quoted telling Plastic Surgery Practice his viewpoint regarding his involvement with his procedures. For more information regarding his viewpoint on his involvement with his procedures click this link. Dr. Mark Mofid’s quoted viewpoints demonstrates that he cares what is best for his patients. Dr. Mark Mofid consistently demonstrates to others that he cares deeply about his procedures that he is involved with. In conclusion, Dr. Mark Mofid is a very talented, hardworking, dedicated, and skilled surgeon specialist.