Building A Better World Via Foodservices: OSI Group

To simply get straight to the point, OSI Group is definitely one of the best food providers in history and that speaks volumes. This company has a knack for doing it all, and it will work with its clients on a number of instances. OSI Group does a great job with the customization of food products. If you have an idea, there’s a high-chance that this company can turn that idea into a reality. It has and uses some of the most technologically advanced components, and it has up to 65 high-tech facilities. This company is special, and it has a long list of satisfied customers. Its actual birth dates back to 1909. Yes, that’s right! At the time, it was known as Otto & Sons. Being a family-owned business wasn’t too easy, but this little meat market provided some of the freshest meats in the area.

OSI Group produces a wide range of tasty foods such as panini, pulled pork, soups, chili, cucumbers, fruits, beans, chicken wings, chicken fried steak, desserts, turkey products, roast beef, meatballs, hotdogs, beef patties, tomatoes, onions, cheese, flatbread and numerous others. This only scratches the surface in a sense. Global food knowledge has played a key-role here. The culinary staff at OSI Group is unmatched because these individuals have a long history within the food service business. Concept-to-table solutions aren’t opinions here, they’re a reality and OSI can personify this solution in the fastest of time. Just think about, the company has facilities and factories all over the globe. Unlike the competitors, OSI Group can develop the products for you and then ship the products directly to you.

The company has acquired three of the world’s top food brands. This includes BAHO Foods, Tyson Foods and Flagship Europe. In most cases, OSI has help to hold on to many of the companies’ employees. Building a rock-solid infrastructure is very important and acquisitions truly helps in achieving this goal. OSI Group is hitting on all cylinders right about now. Like every other company, it has had its fair share of missteps, but it always seem to find its footing in the end.

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