Families Are Placed At The Heart Of The Rocketship Education Experience

Rocketship Education began life in 2006 when two former public school educators in San Jose became frustrated with the lack of modernization in the way children are educated in the U.S. Opening its doors for the first time in a Church hall in San Jose, California in 2006, Rocketship Education now operates across three states and the nation’s capital of Washington D.C.; one of the main aims of the group is to place at the heart of the educational experience parents and guardians who Rocketship Education believes should play a key role in every aspect of the education of their children.

CEO Preston Smith revealed the intense relationship between students, families, and educators at Rocketship Education does not lend itself to each and every teacher making their way to the charter schools elementary group and making a success of their career. Many of those who feel they should accept interviews with the various campuses of Rocketship Education are shocked to find they often face a panel of parents intent on finding the best educator for their students. Officials at the school system have reported a trend of educators walking out of interviews as they are unwilling or unable to work so closely with parents who are determined to find the best educational path for their children.

Alongside the inclusion of families at the center of the Rocketship Education experience there is also a growing trend for parents and guardians to become the major lobbyists for the expansion of the program across the U.S. Charter schools have continued to attract the best educators which have often caused friction with local and state legislators but the freedom of movement in employment has become a major part of the success of the school system. Parents and guardians of Rocketship Education students and other charter schools groups in Tennessee have gone so far as to publish an open letter to the public to explain the many reasons why they feel this is the best option for their family to explore.