Whitney Wolfe Creates a Powerful Feminist App

Bumble is a company that continues to expand and the CEO of this company is reaching out far outside of the United States to appeal to other countries. The app is available in Canada and the United Kingdom, but Whitney Wolfe continues to have her sights on new territory because she has a great belief in what she is doing.

There is a lot of talk about what the newly married Whitney Wolfe Herd is doing with social media in general. Not only is she expanding in territory when it comes to geographical presence, Whitney is also expanding the app in terms of features.

People that are utilizing Bumble will notice that they have the option to turn off the dating portion of the app if this is not what they are interested in doing at this time. They can hide their profile altogether or they can also consider the possibilities that come with other things like friendship building and networking. This can all be done through the Bumble app as well, and that is the thing that people are now talking about.

Whitney Wolfe Herd is very masterful when it comes to creating app environment where women feel safe. This is one of the big things that she wanted to do when it came to app development. She wanted to make sure that a lot of people would have the ability to use this app without feeling like they were harassed. That is the thing that has really made Bumble stand out from the competition. This is also the thing that has allowed the app to grow into all of these new territories around the world.

Right now Whitney Wolfe Herd has her sights set on expanding with Bumble Bizz. This is the networking portion of the app environment that has made people take a great look at how Whitney Wolfe is helping Bumble evolve. This has become a very interesting part of the equation for this company that continues to bring forth new and innovative things. So much praise has gone forth for this feminist dating app environment.