George Soros Steps Up When No One Else Will

There once was a saying, “money makes the world go round.” In many respects that saying is true. In America, for example, if one needs to gain political office than one needs a giant wad of cash. However, it is not cash alone that one needs to affect great change around the globe. Besides money, one also needs to have the passion to see their personal mission fulfilled in every part of the world. One person who is making sure that his personal mission is fulfilled is the gentleman known as George Soros.

George Soros is the multibillionaire who once ran the Soros Fund Management. This hedge fund would raise Soros net worth to $26 billion. Of course, this is more money than some corporations see in a lifetime. However, George Soros knew that money is no good unless it is donated to a perfect cause.

George Soros would retire from being a hedge fund manager and start working with a nonprofit that he named Open Society Foundations. Open Society Foundations has single-handedly installed democracies in multiple countries around the globe. It has also trained in many governments on how to listen to the voice of their people and remain accountable to those who put them in office. In addition to this, Open Society Foundations also seeks to promote basic human rights that belong to us all so that no one is excluded based on gender, sexuality, or class.

George Soros has used the Open Society Foundations to promote goodness here in the United States of America. The most recent example of this is how George Soros and his nonprofit have stepped up to Donald Trump to end the many of his fascist policies that he is looking to enact in America.

Open Society Foundations has donated to multiple causes which make a hard for Donald Trump to implement his policies on the grand scale. Here is one example, the day after Donald Trump was inaugurated there was a woman’s rights protest that spanned the entire globe where people could be seen wearing pink hats. This, of course, gained the attention of the media who reported on it quite happily. However, what most people do not realize, is that George Soros used his global connections to make this protest happen. In other words, he was the one that organized it, funded it, promoted it, and leaked its scale to the press.

George Soros would also use other nonprofits to make things difficult for Donald Trump. George Soros would use a super PAC known as America 20th-century to stop the various lies that Donald Trump was promoting. One thing that George Soros knows about Donald Trump is that it is useless to get into an emotional argument with the man. Rather, if you want to win, simply beat him based on the facts. George Soros has also used nonprofits such as black lives matter, move, and several other Planned Parenthood supporters to stop the conservative change that Trump is bringing.