Sheldon Lavin lifetime achievements

Sheldon Lavin is 81 years old and the chief executive officer of the OSI group. He obtained degree in economics and finance. Initially Sheldon worked at a financial consulting company before later on joining Otto and Sons Company in 1970. His financial company closely associated with Otto and Sons Company and gave them advice on how they can secure and manage funding. This association led to Sheldon Lavin joining the OSI group and later on becoming the CEO. He started by acquiring 50% stake at the company before becoming the full owner getting 100% of the company’s stake.

During the time of Sheldon Lavin take over, he found a company that was owned by family and elevated it to a global level. The company has offered employment opportunities to over 20, 000 individuals worldwide and it has set up around 70 facilities in a total of 17 countries. Sheldon Lavin has also been able to embrace modern technology in the business as he tries to keep up with the new trends.

Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin the company was ranked among the best companies that are owned privately. OSI group was at position 58 in 2016 and the company was valued at $ 6. 1 billion. Since Mr. Lavin has a degree in financing and worked in a financial advice company it has been easier for him to manage the finances of the company and ensure everything is well budgeted for. He has ensured that there are well laid rules and regulations for the employees and these are one of the strategies that has enabled the company to remain at the top.

Sheldon has also received some awards. He received a Global Visionary Award handed over to him by the India’s world vison academy in an event that took place in India, the award recognizes individuals whom are hardworking and have achieved their dreams through perseverance. This can be has manifested in Sheldon Lavin’s work at the OSI group and how he brought it up from a family business to one of the global players.

He also has an award from the RSM US LLP for what he has done to individuals in Chicago. He also fund charities such United Negro College Fund together with Evans Scholarship Fund among others to help fund the education of people in dire need of it. Despite all of these achievements, Sheldon Lavin still believes in working smart and remaining humble.