The Chief Executive Officer Of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, Publishes Two News Articles On The Rebranded HuffPost

In the recent past, Bob Reina, the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, published two new articles on HuffPost following the news provider’s rebranding strategy. Talk Fusion is based in Florida. His first article titled, “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience,” went live a day before The Huffington Post changed its name to HuffPost. Subsequently, Reina’s second article titled, “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters,” was published a few days later.

In a letter, Lydia Polgreen posited that following the change of its name and a new spin in its work, HuffPost intends to tell the stories of individuals that have been left out of the conversation. Polgreen serves as the HuffPost’s editor in chief. HuffPost’s initiatives are in line with Reina’s objectives in his position as the head of Talk Fusion and contributor to the news provider.

Reina explained that he is a strong believer in the art of innovation. According to him, a brand’s growth has no limit. As a philanthropist and visionary leader, his mission is to always set other people up on the path of success irrespective of their backstory or location. He contends that his article outlined this mission clearly.

Since 2016, Reina has been one of the contributors of the HuffPost. His broad platform emphasizes on marketing, entrepreneurship, video marketing trends, skillful selling, lifestyle and self-development. The leader said that he was happy to see the trending platform focus on crucial subjects such as culture and fulfillment with their rebranding. He also added that he was looking forward to publishing more insightful articles and sharing them with their own associates and the reads of HuffPost. This information was originally reported on PRNewswire as provide in the following link

About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is the provider of the leading video marketing solution in the world. Bob Reina incorporated the noble corporation in 2007. Its services help businesses to stand out in the competitive market and to enhance their productivity and profits. Moreover, it offers vibrant ways to make marketing more persuasive and engaging. The company’s products that include video emails services are available in over 140 countries. Over the years, Talk Fusion has been supporting different community initiatives around the world.