Ricardo Tosto’s Firm Recognized by 500 Advocacy

The Brazilian civil law has a similar structure with the European civil codes and especially the Portuguese law. The judicial precedent is of less importance as compared to the codified laws as recognized by the law. Moreover, the Brazilian judicial system is made up of only categories of courts-state and federal courts.

About role played by lawyers in the country of Brazil, the judges are at the top of the Brazilian judicial system. This means that the judges are the ones who conduct all litigations, interrogates the witnesses and goes through the presented facts and goes on to appoint the expert where necessary. On the lawyer’s side in Brazil, there is no clear classification in lawyers. The lawyers are free to exercise the law and stand for the clients with no regard to the type of law required to be applied in the case. Provided a lawyer has passed the bar exam, they have the right to draft contracts and give legal counsel besides standing to represent the client. Lawyers in Brazil have to go through a five-year course in the university to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in law. After this, you now become eligible to undertake an induction exam.

Ricardo Tosto is a famous lawyer in the Brazilian law firm. He is the founder of the Leite, Tosto e Barros law firm. In about over twenty-five years, Ricardo Tosto has been in the law field. He is popular in Brazil for his meticulous practice of law and has dealt with different types of law. His entirely successful law practices in Brazil have gained him much popularity. He is known since his firm became the first law firm that dealt with companies’ issues. Nowadays the client base for the firm is made up of the corporate management issues. This issue involves both the private and public organizations. Ricardo Tosto’s law firm has over three hundred professionals and is consults and known even in the surrounding countries in the Latin America. The 500 Advocacy has recognized the Leite, Tosto e Barros for participating in large legal matters in companies around Brazil.

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