Securing The Future Of The American Child Under The Leadership Of Betsy DeVos

Care and compassion are virtues hard to come by in the contemporary business world. For any businessperson, profit maximization is the fundamental objective. However, it takes a unique personality to be both a prolific businesswoman and also a philanthropist. Nonetheless, you cannot separate the two characters from Betsy DeVos. She has set herself apart from the crowd of businessperson to execute the two essential roles flawlessly. She is committed to succeeding as an entrepreneur and at the same time building her community through charitable programs. In as much as philanthropy is encouraged in business, it works perfectly well if it is a personal initiative like it is in the case of Betsy.


Elisabeth Dee Betsy DeVos is a famous American business lady born in 1958. She is wife to Dick DeVos of Consumer Supplying Co. Other than her prowess in the world of trade, Betsy is also a politician, reformer, activist, and a self-driven philanthropist. She has served in the American government as the 11th Secretary of Education. Her political standings are out in the public domain as a staunch Republican who fiercely advocates for the complete overhaul of the American education sector. Betsy campaigns for the state support of charter schools, school choice, voucher programs, and for the Protestant Christian Community.


Betsy DeVos political outstretch runs deep. She once held the title of an American Committeewoman, and was Michigan’s Republican Committeewoman for five years, between 1992 and 1997. She has also served as Michigan’s Republican Party’s Chairlady between 1996 and 2000, which instigated her re-election in 2003.


Her achievements as the Secretary of Education are unmatched since she has spearheaded the private school’s voucher program movement, which to date has been a hallmark of success all over the United States. Over 250,000 students in 17 different states are beneficiaries of her program. The core aim of the program is to offer students in the country a conducive, safe, and secure learning environment. Through the support of her husband, Dick DeVos, she has personally supported students at Potter’s House, exuding how committed she is to see the program succeed.


There is no better way of assigning responsibilities than allocating duties that directly relate to one’s capabilities. For Betsy DeVos, the education sector suited her since her children were also on that same education system entrusted to her. As a result, she was in a capacity to relate to issues faced by parents from disadvantaged families when it came to raising their tuition fee. Consequently, she went ahead to offer direct financial support and also started an organization whose aim was to provide scholarships to students from low-income families. This way, even kids from such families had the freedom of choosing which school they would like to join.


Moreover, Betsy has extended her support to other charitable organizations. She is on the Board of Children First America and American Education Reform Council. Her efforts have gone a long way to inspire and empower parents to choose the best education system for their children. All these approve that she has the future of the American child at heart.


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