David Mcdonald Watches Over OSI Group To Ensure It Will Remain Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

David McDonald, the president of the OSI Group, is leading the way for the company to continue its amazing rate of growth into the future. David McDonald earned a degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University when he was younger and also sits on the Board of Directors for the North American Meat Institute. His optimistic way of looking at the possibilities for his company has inspired many, and his experience and work-ethic are two driving reasons for his success as its president. Along with the rest of OSI Group’s leadership, David has been working hard to expand the company on a global level, and with the acquisition of so many different companies over the last few years, OSI is right on track with its plans

Bahoo Foods Purchase

Recently, OSI purchased Baho Foods, which is a dutch food manufacturer that provides a range of food options for its customers who live in 18 different European countries. David said that adding the company to OSI’s current offerings was a great move and that it gives them more access to the European market. He also feels that Bahoo Foods offers products that perfectly complement what OSI provides in the region and that the joint venture will only serve to make his company stronger. John Balvers, the managing director of Baho Foods, agreed 100% with McDonald, and commented that he is happy to be working with OSI.

OSI Is Sustainable Thanks To David McDonald

No one cares more about the sustainability of OSI Group than David McDonald. His dedication to this end has produced endless positive results, and part of the new efforts, on his part, are to focus on technology that ensures his company maintains the standards he set. In OSI’s food plants, there is now technology being installed that will monitor the activities of the workers there, guaranteeing the quality of the food. In the communities David McDonald works in, with OSI, he makes sure that environmental standards are followed and that the company gets a good part of its food from farms. In fact, one of the company’s German factories was built within range of more than one local farm that will provide the meat that is packaged and processed.

David McDonald Believes In Family

There is no one else that believes in the value of treating their employees like family more than David does. He also believes that the families of the people who work under him are highly important to. David works very hard to make sure that the employees of OSI Group know that they are extremely valued and that without them, the company would not be as strong as it is today.

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