Initiatives to Improve Community Banking

On November 10th 2016 in John Holt CEO and President of NexBank Capital,Inc served as a panelist at the Texas Bankers associations 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities conference in New Orleans Louisiana. The discussion topic was Reinventing Community Banking and Perspectives on Competing through Innovation. The Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A conference is a forum for bank leaders, advisers, and consultants to share their perspectives on the key opportunities and challenges facing the industry. Panelists and participants explore strategic opportunities through M&A activity and organic growth and branching.

NexBank Capital,Inc serves its clients through Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking, and Institutional services. The bank offers customized financial and banking services. Their services are primarily to institutional clients, financial institutions, and corporations nationwide. The bank comes up with banking products such as Commercial Lending, Commercial Real Estate Lending, Financial Institutions, Credit Services agency services and Treasury Management.

Mortgage Banking is also a department where the bank has been able to come up with amazing products. These include Warehouse Lending which focuses on creating long term relationships with the bank’s partners by providing new and additional warehouse lines to its clients. Wholesale & Correspondent Lending and becoming a customer. The bank offers a wide variety of funding solutions to meet the demands of today’s mortgage professionals. The bank’s Institutional services include Financial Institutions which is designed to provide tailored services to financial institutions. Treasury Management, Public Funds, Investment Banking and Real Estate Advisory.

NexBank has its headquarters in Dallas Texas. It is the 13 largest bank in Texas and the 200th largest bank in the country. It was founded in 1934, and as of March 2017, it had grown to have 86 employees in 4 locations. The bank’s money market rates are twice the national average. Their success can be attributed to the strong leadership of John Holt and their community based projects.