Todd Lubar Shares His Secrets to Success as a Businessman

Todd Lubar is a successful businessman from Maryland. He studied speech communication at Syracuse University, and he later became the President of TDL Global Ventures. After graduating from college, he went to work with Crestar Mortgage Corporation, where he started his amazing career in the financial sector. He went on to work with Legacy Financial Group in Texas. The Maryland office of Legacy Financial Group experienced an unprecedented growth rate while Todd was leading it. After working at Legacy Financial Group, Todd accepted a position as Senior Vice President in Charter Funding, which is a division of Magnus Financial Corps. Todd is experienced in mortgage banking, but owns companies in various industries, ranging from recycling to real estate to the nightclub industry. During a rare interview with Crunchbase, he revealed more about himself and his secrets to success.

Todd ( says he worked in the credit and finance industry for over two decades, but started TDL Global Ventures because he has a passion for helping people who need help and guiding them until they reach their goals. He wanted to come up with a program that finally offered relief to these people.

He says he worked hard in order to get where he is, and it took several years in order to become a successful businessman. However, his business took off after that and kept on gaining momentum. There were times when he felt down, such as when a business deal that he did soured. However, he knew that you can’t get fixated one thing, and he got up the next day and continued as normal. This is why he always advises people to never give up and to always keep up their motivation to continue, because in the end, it will work out no matter how many obstacles you end up overcoming. He says that he faces tough decisions too, such as whether to go on a business trip or stay home and spend time with the family. He says that his secret to success is hard work and always paying extreme attention to details, as well as being on top of what is going on in the company. Visit his website,