Hope for Cancer patients-Oncotarget

Cancer is one of the epidemic diseases which has been affecting the world and not only the affected or infected but also the medicals doctors and scientific researchers. Cancer therapy has been one of the biggest challenges when it comes to research. Medical experts have been doing all they can to come up with the best treatment for cancer patients which will less affect their bodies. The scientific researchers are not only researching but they have also tried to present their research into writing which is available online in most of the media platform.Oncotarget is one of the journals that are written and edited by medical experts for the purpose of assisting the world to understand more about cancer and other conditions affecting the human race. The medical journal was created back in 2010 and it is published by the Impact journal. Ever since its establishment; the journal has been mainly focusing on possible cancer therapy, possible ways to manage cancer, as well as potential targets for rehabilitation.

Nevertheless, the medical journal does not the only emphasis on the treatment but also the management programs, new healing agents, as well as quality and satisfaction of the patients.Oncotarget is responsible for exploring new and old treatment methods for the purpose of improving the outcome of the treatment as it pursues to express their intake and how well it is acceptable to other medical professionals as well as the patients themselves. The journal has been expanding over the years with their authors exploring other types of conditions. The medical journal is headed by medical experts who have a vast knowledge and experience in oncology.

The Chief Editor is Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov who are both professors at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Oncotarget is open to anyone who can write a journal on a medical condition. The publishing goes through a process before it is posted on social media platforms which include Facebook, Twitter, and the others. The writing through a team of editors before reaching to the Chief Editors who will determine if the article will be published on Dove Press and the rest of the platforms. The authors have an advantage as they can view the whole process before the article is published. Oncotarget is a free journal which is published on a weekly basis.