Whitney Wolfe Has Made It Possible for More People to Embrace Social Media

Whitney Wolfe is going head-to-head with some of the major companies that engage in social media. With Bumble BFF she infringes on the territory of app developers like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. She also takes away some of the users that are part of the Snapchat community. Whitney Wolfe is showing that she has the ability to create innovative apps even though she is not a man.

Whitney Wolfe able to totally change the way that people look at social media. She is taking a risk by creating a company that is called Bumble. This is one of the most intriguing companies when it comes to building a completely different landscape for people to meet and build friendships. She has been able to magnify the amount of exposure that is connected to Bumble because she has been connecting with a whole new crowd. For the longest time she was only attracting people that were interested in dating. This was what she did initially with the dating app. As time progressed Bumble would become the company that would also lure people.

Whitney Wolfe is definitely someone that has made it possible for more people to embrace social media through her apps. She has shown the world that she is serious about bringing forth innovation in social media. Everything that she has done so far has been a success, and it appears that she is planning to also bring networking into the picture as well. It is through the Bumble Bizz app that she is planning to actually help more people become familiar with a whole new realm of networking through her social media company. It is definitely a great thing for someone that has never utilized social media sites like LinkedIn. More people have the ability to actually connect with other people if they realize the Bumble app to get things accomplished. Whitney Wolfe is definitely one to watch when it comes to new innovative technology. Whitney Wolfe is cracking the code in the social media world, and women are quite impressed with the effort that she has made.

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