Highland Capital Backs South Korea In Healthcare Fund

The anchor investor for Highland Capital’s fund is the National Pension System of Korea, valued at $499.8 Billion; for comparison, Highland Capital Management’s funding stands at $147 million. Highland Capital Management is tied closely with Stonebridge Capital, the co-manager of the fund. Highland Capital Management has a total value of assets under management which stands at $1.5 Billion. The company has a 15-year track record in the field of private equity which includes very significant exposure to health care companies.

More recently, the company was put into a position to ring the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange because of their new ETF, the iBoxx Senior Loan ETF. This is managed by the retail arm of the company. The fund is co-managed by Stonebridge Capital, a private equity firm based.

Demographically, the US and Korean populations are aging which means that there will be a growing need for returns on the part of the soon to be retirees. The national healthcare fund of Korea is designed to foster co-investment to serve needs in Asia and the US.

Highland Capital Management has been around since 1993, and was founded to be an alternative credit manager on a global scale. Credit funds, long funds, and alternative investments are products which the company provides to their large customer base.

Highland’s funds are noted for their returns, producing major gains relative to the S&P 500 over the course of a year. They expect that the Healthcare sector will begin to perform well, so they are diverting much of their attention to investments in that area. The company’s ETF has paved the way for other investors to enter the market. The company seeks to capitalize on the need for opioid addiction treatments due to the recent growth in opioid addictions. The company has also increased its exposure to REITs and other investment products.