Clay Siegall Discusses History in Pharmaceutical Industry

Dr. Clay Siegall is no stranger to the pharmaceutical industry. Even before his development of the largely successful biotech company, Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall created pharmacy drugs for a living. During his recent interview with Inspire Magazine, Dr. Siegall recalled the period of his life when he worked for corporate drug developers like Bayer and Pfizer. During this time, Siegall experienced the trials and rewards of working in the pharmaceutical industry, and decided that he would pursue a career in this industry for a lifetime. Seattle Genetics was developed in 1998 as a way for Dr. Siegall to impact the pharmaceutical industry in a positive manner. The genetic research expert has now developed three patented drugs through his company and has announced plans to release a fourth before the year’s end.

Post College Career

After finishing his degree in genetic research, Dr. Clay Siegall was eager to contribute to the world of drug development and quickly applied to work for Bayer. As one of the world’s leading distributors of over-the-counter and pharmaceutical drugs, Bayer seemed ideal for Dr. Siegall to pursue his love of research and creation. After working for Bayer and making the transition to the teams of several other reputable drug companies, Dr. Siegall began to realize that he could be more successful if he opened his own company. In his most recent interview, the genetic research expert stated that he had developed several patented drugs for other companies and was disheartened that his drug was successfully introduced to the market at no benefit to him. Dr. Siegall quickly realized that the development of his own, independent company had the potential to yield the results he desired for himself and the medical community. A few years later, Seattle Genetics was born.

Dr. Siegall aslo realized that the development of Seattle Genetics would allow him to work on drugs that had personal value to him. The leader’s relative had nearly died of chemotherapy cancer treatment a few years prior to the opening of Seattle Genetics. Dr. Siegall began almost immediately to work on a new drug that would treat cancer in a safe and efficient way.