Arthur Becker Talks About His Career Journey

Arthur is a revered entrepreneur and investor. He posits that he started his business back in 2003 by working for a technology company, NaviSite, as the chief executive officer. Becker incorporated his real estate business, Madison Partners, in 2011. He contends that his greatest inspiration come from working for Vera Wang Fashion company, where he learnt much about fashion and design.

When asked how he makes money, Arthur Becker responded by saying that he invests in unique properties, which he renovates. Becker generates his income by selling or leasing the properties at a profit. He recalls that while he engaged in the technology industry, he profited on various investments. Arthur says that he gained much satisfaction from such activities, but he rushed his business instead of taking his time.

Becker does not remember of any time when he doubted himself as an entrepreneur. He already knew the kind of business that he would invest in and the houses that he would develop. Arthur urges people who would like to follow in his footsteps to know all the verticals in their respective businesses before investing their hard-earned cash, as it can get confusing. The executive says that it is easy for people to doubt themselves if they are not sure of what they are doing. Arthur posits that he landed his first customer when he was working for NaviSite. However, through Madison Partners, he has narrowed his focus, thus changing his sort of customers. Becker argues that without hard work, one cannot go anywhere. Check out LinkedIn to know more.

About Arthur Becker

As the chief executive officer of Zinio, Arthur reported much success in matters technology and provision of application management services. After working for different corporations such as Vera Wang Fashion and NaviSite, the entrepreneur decided to pursue another form of business. Even though he has been the executive officer of other companies, Madison Partners set him apart in the market.

Today, he invests in various residential properties by developing townhouses. His model of buying, renovating, leasing or selling these properties has enhanced his success in the business. The company has invested in different regions, including Florida and New York. Notably, Becker was married to the renowned fashion designer, Vera Wang, for 23 years.

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