Securus Technologies: Making An Extraordinary Difference to Protect & Serve

As recently reported on PR Newswire, Securus Technologies assists facilities progressively in improving public safety, and it revolutionizes the incarceration environment. The chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, stated that their service/product is developed once a week that assists correction officials and law enforcement to prevent and solve crimes. Also, calls were monitored consisting of information concerning the inmate’s drug selling, alcohol use, threats, drugs in the facility, possible access to a mobile device, a past incident involving shooting, suspicious conversation about the transferring of money, and a civilian’s admission to selling prescription drugs on discount. Additionally, the enhancement in their agency’s proactive measures were made possible by the reporting data with the deterring and monitoring contraband’s incidence in facilities. Staff are also able to conduct investigations with the investigative tools when there’s a potential threat or a harassment complaint to the community or facility’s security.


Their customers also commented about using Securus Technologies Inc. to prevent and solve crimes. They stated how they received thousands of emails and letters concerning what they build and how their product/service assists in keeping society, including inmates, parolees, and their families safe or safer.


About Securus Technologies


Established in 1986, Securus Technologies has regional offices in Allen, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, and Carrollton, Texas. The company has around 1000 staff members and have contracts with 2,600 correctional facilities within the US. This company is one of several companies offering telephone service in higher rates to inmates in US prisons than the general public. As of July 2016, Securus Technologies announced that they have invested over $600 million in patents, acquisitions, and technologies in three years.


A new system was introduced by the company to monitor contraband mobile phones in which over five Department of Corrections Facilities approved the Securus’ Managed Access Solutions in 2016. And in July 2016, Harris Corporation and Securus partnered together on “Cell Defender” technology.