Superb Crew Interviews Talk Fusion CEO, Bob Reina

The online business and technology publication, Superb Crew managed to catch up with Bob Reina and interview ( him about his company called Talk Fusion. Below is a synopsis of the interview between Superb Crew and founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina. Talk Fusion is an award winning online communications and marketing company.


The first question that Talk Fusion asked Bob Reina was who are the main customers of his company. A followup was then asked where Superb Crew asked what problems does Talk Fusion solve for them or what solutions does the company offer. Reina responded by saying that Talk Fusion has a mass market appeal all across the business community.


His customers include major corporations such as tourism firm, Norwegian Cruise Lines which he states uses Talk Fusion’s video and marketing technology to create a personalized and better marketing and communications campaign for their brand. The smaller companies use Talk Fusion’s video and marketing services to attract new customers, expand on existing client relationships and increase sales of their products and services. Entrepreneurs and startups use Talk Fusion to help them build a brand name, to network with other professionals and business partners and to communicate with Talk Fusion’s superb real time face to face video communication service. Even charities and non profits use Talk Fusion to help them spread their campaign message and to solicit donations.


Bob Reina says Talk Fusion really does serve a wide market audience. Reina says that it does matter what business, country or mission you have. Talk Fusion can help you market your product or service and do it effectively. That is why his company has been so highly regarded and successful so far.


The last question asked of Bob Reina was what achievement is he most proud of at his company. Reina answered that he is proud of several things that Talk Fusion has been able to accomplish. Whether it is helping to create an instant payment system or supporting charities by giving them a free account to Talk Fusions premium package, Talk Fusion has made a difference in thousand of people’s lives. This impact is what Bob Reina thinks is the biggest accomplishment of his company and of his life.