Capital Anesthesiology Association: Clinical Excellence

Have you ever heard of Capital Anesthesiology Association? If you’re not from around the Austin, Texas Area then you probably haven’t heard much about it, but this organization provides the very best in anesthesia care. Since 1973, Capital Anesthesiology Association has been setting a great example of how to be more productive as well as progressive. There is over 40 years of experience here. This organization has a large number of clinical personnel with 80 doctors and up to 130 certified registered nurses. This is anesthesiology at it’s finest and no one does it better than CAA.

Being the best doesn’t come by chance. Some of the top level medical staff individuals work under this huge umbrella of success. This is one of the largest independent practices in the nation that specializes in the topic at hand. Up to 20 medical facilities are a part of this vital network including CAREOS, Strictly Pediatrics, Texas Surgery Center, Texas Orthopedics, Brackenridge Hospital, Dell Children’s Medical Center, Seton Hayes, Seton Medical Center, Inspire Medical Centre, and numerous others. What other organization can duplicate these extraordinary numbers?

If you’re seeking employment in this vibrant field or have a strong interest for it, Capital Anesthesiology Association does a wonderful job of training and educating aspiring medical personnel. This includes medical residents, medical students, paramedics, nurses, and others. Each and every base is covered to the fullest and CAA will continue to set the tone well into the future.

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