Tammy Mazzocco Shows How To Achieve Anything

Tammy Mazzocco is a successful real estate agent in Central Ohio, and her testimony to hard work and good management of resources is a good lesson in achievement. Tammy began her career in real estate as a secretary at a commercial real estate company, and then later she became a manager of a condominium project for seven years. It was there that her boss recommended that she get her real estate license so she could help him with some of his real estate deals. This took place in 1995.


Then she became a licensed assistant to a very large RE/MAX producer, and it was there that she saw the logic in how to operate a large, successful real estate operation. In 1999 she decided to go full-time into real estate, and the rest is history, as they say.


Tammy loves what she does, and she says that if she didn’t, it would never work. She points out that you are going to get out of anything exactly what you put into it, nothing more, nothing less. She likes to tell people that it is important to be yourself, don’t live in fear of failure, and don’t settle. Her work ethic is simply to work until you get things done and done right.


She has emphasized over the years that the things that you don’t do well, you can have someone else do them. Tammy likes to focus on what she enjoys and does well, and that is having appointments with people and showing them homes to buy. She goes on to say that the real estate business is a people business. When you solve the people problems, the real estate takes care of itself. And, when she sells a house, that is a people problem that she can help to solve, and she is happy about that. http://radaris.com/p/Tammy/Mazzocco/