A Review Of The Services Offered By COTEMAR

Cotemar is a leader in providing varied services to Petroleos Mexicanos. The company uses specialized vessels to reach different offshore oilfield. Its services are tailored to meet the needs and expectations of its customers. They are divided into three broad categories. The entity offers specialized maritime vessels services, construction, modernization, maintenance, and engineering services, and accommodation and catering services.

Under construction, modernization, maintenance, and engineering services, Cotemar offers technical advice to its clients. The aim of this branch is to modernize existing offshore rigs and process centers to make them ideal for working and safe for workers to live. The modernization process involves prefabrication and installation of facilities at the rigs. This procedure starts immediately when an offshore rig is commissioned. Cotemar provides these services with the help of specialized dynamic positioned semi-submersible rigs. These platforms are flexible and can be quickly moved from one oil field to another.

Transportation of personnel, nourishment, and lightweight materials need specialized vessels. Through its specialized maritime vessels services, Cotemar is able to handle all the transit concerns. The company has various specialized vessels, including firefighting vessels, towing vessels, and barges. Given the size of the company’s fleet, it can attend to the needs of various clients simultaneously. The firm has recruited the services of qualified and experienced staff. They ensure that clients get their value for money.

Working in an offshore oilfield is challenging and is entirely different from working on a land-based rig. Despite the lack of space, workers in the field should be provided with quality accommodation, catering, and entertainment. These services ensure that the employees are healthy and can stay longer at their workstations. The well-being of workers is a critical factor in enhancing the efficiency of operations. Through its accommodation and catering pillar, Cotemar provides nourishment, bedding, laundry and cleaning services to its client’s staff. These services can be provided on the oil rig or within specialized vessels owned by the company.

Cotemar was founded in 1979 with two main areas of business, which are accommodation & catering and specialized vessels. The company had vessels for transporting personnel, maintenance, and specialized dive. Over the years, Cotemar managed to acquire more ships that helped it establish itself as a leader in the field. By 1996, the company was already operating five rigs and had three specialized vessels. It has since acquired more vessels. Despite being associated with several international oil firms, the corporation operates in Mexican waters and is one of the leading employers in the country.