Meet The CEO Behind The Success Of Capital Group

At the moment, the capital group is the leading investment management company in the whole world. It is a corporation that has always had great leaders.

One leader who led the company to expand significantly was James Rothenberg. Unfortunately, he met his untimely demise because of a heart attack. Many of his colleagues were sad, and they knew that they had lost a great leader and who was a friend to them too. However, that did not affect the progress of the company. The board quickly appointed a man who they knew would fit in his shoes. He is none other than Timothy Armour, the CEO who is behind the current success of Capital Group.

Capital Group is still the leading company concerning investment in the whole world under the leadership of Timothy Armour. He is the chairman of the group and the Chief Executive Officer. The transition of leadership happened recently but it has gone smoothly, and management of the company has not been compromised because every staff here is hard working, and Timothy Armour is the leader who is also hard working.

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Who Tim Armour is

Timothy Armour is mostly known as a talented leader in management and investment. He is also well educated since he obtained his degree in Economics from Middlebury which is a recognized institution in Vermont. After completing his education, he immediately started his career by working in the Associate Program of Capital Group. He has got most of his experience in management and investment from the company because he has worked there over thirty years. He finally became the chairman of the company in 2015. Therefore, you should note that to rise to the position of leadership, it takes time and dedication. One should also be patient because It will take time for your dream to come true.


Tim was appointed to be the chairman on July 28, 2015, and named as the official director of Capital Group. It was an exciting time for him though at the same time it was sad because the company had lost one of their own. It was a leadership transition that had already been set. After the passing away of Jim Rothenberg, it was a sad moment for everyone, and it was, therefore, a sad development. However, Tim is the best leader who can fit in the shoes of Jim. They had been friends for a long time until they were separated through death.

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