Capital Group Promises Better Returns for Investors

Investors can now rest easy knowing that they are in the safe hands of Capital Group. This group, led by their chairman and Chief Executive Officer Timothy Armour, has a long term focus on the interests of the investors. Timothy Armour was appointed chairman of Capital Group by the company board members in July 2015. This was after the former chairman, James Rothenberg passed away after experiencing a heart attack. Since his appointment, Timothy Armour has led the group using his major mantra “we will get you better returns over time”.

He believes that only portfolio managers committed to research and analysis can get investors the maximum returns. As such, he advises them to use services of active managers who believe in quality input for better earnings. His main interest is to make the most returns for the investors. For example, in September 2015, Timothy Armour argued that the U.S economy was not growing as strongly as expected and urged the Federal Reserve to raise rates since the near-zero interest rates resulted in undue risks to investors.

To make the prospects of its investors better, Capital Group has partnered with Samsung Asset Management. This will play a major role in collaborating the global investments and asset management products in the Korean Market. Timothy Armour argues that the company will assist in co-designing investment results given the statistical challenges in continuing financial requirements in the Korean market. The partnership will deal with product supervision, investment administration, retirement organization and distribution channels support.

Capital Group’s great efforts have been recognized by Janet Yang, an analyst at an independent investment research firm. She said that Capital Group has been successful in investment management and continues to create solid long-standing results. The reason for this great success was the commitment of the long-time portfolio managers at the company. Yang thinks that Timothy Armour being a long servicing and committed portfolio manager, makes the perfect chairman for Capital Group. She gave the company an A rating for maintaining its enduring franchise.

Timothy Armour has over 30 years of experience in his career. He joined Capital Group in 1983 under as associate’s program. Following his commitment, he was later promoted to the post of equity investment analyst where he performed global telecommunication and U.S service companies. He also worked as an equity portfolio manager. Before being chairman, Timothy Armour worked as assistant chairman, a position that gave him a chance to work with other senior members of the company in adjusting, passing and implementing the company’s strategies and also monitoring operations. It all began with a Bachelor’s degree in economics which he acquired at Middlebury College; a private college located in Middlebury, Vermont.

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