Chris Burch and Future Tech Fashion Trends

A number of changes have been witnessed in both the fashion and technological industries over the years. The two industries only need to grow together according to Christopher Burch. A comparison between the past and present could explain the changes that have occurred over time. In the past (1970s) the boom box was the in-thing and during the 80s it was added to several movie lines adding to its popularity. In the 90s people were able to enjoy a better musical experience after the Walkman was invented. Later the iPod came about and enhanced the musical experience. From the above, it is easy to conclude that technology grows as per the popularity of what is considered fashionable.



Synthesis of Fashion and Technology



At the moment there is a synthesis of fashion and technology being witnessed. Fashion designers are always looking for ways to create designs that deliver and technology can make this possible. Technology brings about high standards in purposefulness and modernization. Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutrch-based fashion designer, states that technology makes designing easier as it offers a field to experiment and delving deeper into it brings about never-ending possibilities. She has several ultramodern designs and has come up with a dress that paints itself known as Pseudomorphs and another that makes drinks, the DareDroid.



Going Forward



A number of fashion advancements are geared towards protecting people. Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt have come up with an airbag worn around the neck to protect cyclists’ heads. There are other fashion designs meant to assist fire fighters (Frontline Gloves). Other innovations have seen designers recycling materials to come up with fabulous fashions and there are plans to create shoes that can charge cell phones as the wearer walks. Technology and fashion can work together to bring out the best out of each other.



About Chris Burch



Christopher Burch is Burch Creative Capital’s founder and CEO. The investment philosophy of the company represents Burch’s vision and values in entrepreneurship through applying imagination, support, incubation, creativity, scale and new markets. This has led to disruptive businesses and brands that have a positive, direct and lasting impact on the lives of consumers.



Over the course of his 40 years as a serial entrepreneur and investor, Burch has played a part in the formation of over 50 companies. He combines an instinctive perceptive of the consumer behavior with direct and international sourcing experience. He has a solid reputation of making a connection between innovation and impact. He has recently added Coccon9, Poppin, Nihiwatu, Trademark and ED by Ellen DeGeneres to his portfolio.