The Success of Dick DeVos and his Business

Of the many influential and giving families in the United States, there is one family in particular that is not only known for the family’s generosity to many foundations and organizations across the United States, but is also known for their many initiatives such as an initiative for a better quality of education in schools across the country. This family is known as the DeVos family, a wealthy family that has given billions of dollars in donations to worthy causes. The DeVos family is most known for not only their history with philanthropy, but is also known for the company that was specifically created by Richard DeVos and that has been maintained by his son, Dick DeVos.


The family company is an international multi-billion dollar company known as Amway Corporation that specializes in making international sales of household products. Richard DeVos has grown this company from the bottom up and is proud of what not only he has accomplished, but by the fact that his family worked together to build the company. Richard DeVos and his family have set themselves apart from other wealthy families due to the fact that the DeVos family believes in giving much of what they earned through their success.


The son of Richard DeVos is Dick DeVos, a business savvy individual who followed in the footsteps of his father in order to not only maintain the family legacy, but to also put hard work into the company to make it his own. Dick DeVos has worked for the family company ever since he was little. Even at a young age, Dick DeVos remembers playing with his brother in the basement of his family home, the location of the headquarters of Amway Corporation at the time. Dick DeVos remembers well that he and his brother worked hard even at a young age to help the company where they could.


Even before starting college, Dick DeVos knew that he wanted to become a businessman and to follow the footsteps of his father in order to not only make his family proud, but to also experience success. Dick DeVos, throughout the many decades that he has worked with Amway Corporation, has demonstrated hard work as well as a sense of leadership that has inspired many individuals to truly want to become a part of Amway Corporation and to help grow the company even more into the future and beyond.